Thursday, July 20, 2017

I Wear Speedos - DESPACITO PARODY by Mikey Bustos

There is no doubt, that the Summer Song of 2017 belongs to "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi fr Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber! -- Who can resist not gyrating to its' slow, but catchy, infectious beats! 

It has created lotsa parodies on the internet, but this version, I feel, it's the best Despacito Parody, that also truly represents the summery feel of gay men! 

Please watch this "I Wear Speedos" by the cute Pinoy, Mikey Bustos -- I bet you will enjoy the lyrics!

 Yeah --- I don't like things that drag me down in the water too! 

Yes ! -- I like to maintain my tan too!

Sometimes I feel shy  wearing my Speedos and walking around at the swimming pool ... Most of the time, I will quickly jump into the pool instead of parading slowly! =P

Yes, I feel great and confident when I'm wearing my Speedos! =)

Yes! You feel like wearing nothing when you are in your speedos! -- You will not feel hot even though you are sweating all over under the sun! 

Yes, please throw away your Board Shorts! -- A sexy triangle tan line will bring up your hotness over the boiling point!

Yes -- Why is it that girls are allowed to wear, the skimpier the bikinis, the sexier they are??! -- For me, if you have the body, the perky butt, the bulge -- Why can't you just show it in your speedos! Discrimination right?!

Like I said, if you have it, be proud and flaunt it! 

LOL -- Yes! -- I keep my money, even the locker key -- beneath my Speedos! -- LOL

Please Watch the Video okay!


thompsonboy said...

cute? he's a troll

Jaded Jeremy said...

You feel "great and confident" but "shy"?

link within

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