Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Guys with Tongue Out Selfies

Yes, there is a term specifically named for this social media craze or rather nuances? -- whereby people stick their tongue out during selfies --- It's called "Tongue Out Selfies"

Excerpts taken from:

a) Sticking out one's tongue offers the perfect combination of sexuality and irony for the Instagram user who doesn't want to be sexualized but also really does, who doesn't want to be taking a selfie but also really does!

"I don't want to tell people but I'm sexy -- But I guess taking a simple selfie with my tongue out will make me look innocent - right? "

Instagram : Yusei Yagi from Japan

b) Sticking out your tongue offers a solution to the problem of the selfie.  One of them is to imply that the photographer does not take the situation or herself particularly seriously and is simply living a fun and flirty lifestyle!

"It's always fun to have a group of great, silly friends together, celebrating, chatting, sharing and caring for each other!"

"I love Maldives! I'm having the best time of my life! Yeah! "

Instagram : Cyrus Yong from Malaysia

c) The Party Tongue --or rather the "Miley Cyrus Tongue" -- A classic pose, visible everywhere from GuysGone Wild to Friday nights, the Party Tongue remains a favourite despite the fact that its original purpose—showing off one's piercing—has, fortunately or unfortunately, fallen out of fashion. 

"Yeah, hanging out on a Friday Night, baby!"

Instagram : Dominic Fan from Hong Kong

d) The 90s Tongue --- can  be manifest as a pointier, snake-like visage or a cutesy, rounded one. Mainly for playground teasing and wink 

"Am I cute or not? "

Instagram: Simon Sim from Singapore

e) The Lazy Tongue 

"The Lazy Tongue is at first a selfie manifestation of #snackwave and pizzacore—it's the tongue you'll find tweeting from bed at four in the afternoon, making self-deprecating jokes about its angst and the fact that everyone sucks"

Instagram: Tom Loklok from Hong Kong

But now, the "Lazy Tongue" is really all about sex. The pose makes it impossible not to look like you are giving a blowjob, particularly because, as everyone knows, the most flattering selfie angle is taken from slightly above, with a little tilt. Now all Lazy Tongue photos—popular among those who use Tumblr or work in fashion but not, like, "in fashion"—display to me their true meaning, and indeed what all tongues, ironic or not, boil down to: intercourse.

"From the way it looks, I don't think he has a lazy tongue .. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk "

Twitter: Hendrik , architect from Jakarta

Excerpts taken from : which ranked "Tongue Selfie" as Number 2 Trend 

" What Da fuk you think you’re doing? You are not as adorable as you think you are, I promise. That one guy is licking his own nasty arm pit, and he thinks he’s cuter than young/alive Shirley Temple. Have you ever really looked at a tongue? They are wet and bumpy and expand and contract and pulsate. They’re like worms – they have movement free from brain activity. There is no reason for this picture to happen. There’s nothing natural about this picture. You’re not making a face that happens in real life. You made the decision to let a part of your face hang out where it doesn’t belong for the sake of phony quirkiness. Hey, I think I’ll just pop my eye ball out of its socket to be quirky. Wouldn’t that be cute? An alternative would be making and selling friendship bracelets. " 

" What Da fuk you think you’re doing? You are not as adorable as you think you are, licking your own nasty arm pit"  -- Though I find him really cute instead -- LOL

Instagram : Sunny Hu Xiao Peng  (胡晓鹏 ) from Shanghai, China

Excerpts taken from : Psychology Today :

1) It can signify distaste or disgust—a non-verbal way of saying “ew” or “yuck” when eating or drinking something personally abhorrent or showing hatred towards something. 

"Argghhh ... The sun is so strong!! "

Instagram: Max Lo from Hong Kong

2) Done unconsciously, it can hint at how hard an individual [usually a child, but sometimes an adult as well] is trying to accomplish something—especially when, subjectively, the pursuit is experienced as challenging!

"Yeah, I've proved those mother fuckers that I managed to swam 50 laps at the pool today!!"

3) It can convey disagreement or anger or worries or personal problems or stress 

"Sigh.. It has been a long day today .... Hugs" 

Instagram : Eric Lee from Hong Kong

4) It can signify feelings of nervousness, or of embarrassment (as in, “Oops! I made a mistake.”)

"Oops! I think I left my underwear in your house!"

Instagram: Louix from Vietnam

5) It can relate to proving someone wrong, the accompanying tongue protrusion demonstrating a prideful, or taunting, smugness—an air of superiority

"You think that I'm weak? -- But you are wrong !!!"

"I don't give a damn about what you think! Fuck - you! Yeah!" #sorrybutnotsorry

Instagram: Andrew Yogi from Indonesia

But nevertheless , the trend of Guys sticking their tongues out for selfies is here to stay -- Who doesn't like to see a cute gay boy sticking their tongue out, RIGHT? 

A cute boy with a cute tongue .. The look of the tongue alone, can send wild imaginations to the person looking at it! Please behave boys!

Instagram : Chris Cheng from Taiwan

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