Monday, November 22, 2010

Taiwanese Male Model - King! Part 2

The first day back to work...Definitely Monday Blues all the way, especially after a wonderful trip to Singapore with the Horny BF in the last few days....! A beautiful Taiwanese Model by the name "King" ( I couldn't get more info of him though ) for you guys to savour! Enjoy.

Why can'e our Malaysian designers create underwears like that leh?!! STUD? Private Structure? Renoma? Skinxwear?!!! Hellloooo?!


William said...

Forget about Renoma. STUD and PS are somewhere there.

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry for not posting elsewhere but I couldn't find the tagboard! :O

Can anyone help to identify this person?

He's the model for ZOD, a China fashion company. Can't find his name though :(

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: Haha. Ya. He's a real cutie indeed! Bt sadly, i dun know who he is either! Sigh...Bt u can see more of his pictures over here:

Anonymous said...

Who poses in the bedroom wearing sunglasses? - Ian