Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Night Only! - Camping Trip!

Finally! Simon Lover is back from a One-Night Only, Camping + Boating Trip! To cut the story short, let's get into the details immediately!

We began our journey at about 2pm. After weeks of non-stop rain during the monsoon season, the scorching Sun is back with a vengeance! After about an hour drive, we finally reached the jetty, the last stop before entering to the World Of The Unknown Land. While waiting for our boat to arrive, we took a tea break as well as some photo-taking sessions.

The Golden Flower ( Allamanda cathartica ) @ Bunga Kecobong Kuning in Malay.

Yes. Do not laugh. We do have this signboard in Malaysia!

A view from The Jetty. The Magnificient Bridge across the Sparkling Lake!

A View Of The Grandiose Neverending Lake...And we'll be camping in one of the hundreds of Islands found @ the lake!

I managed to take a photo of the soldiers, transporting daily goods to the army camps located in one of those islands.

After a 1 hour wait ( we just missed the previous boat abt 15 mins nia! ), finally it's our turn to get jiggy with it! And till we meet again, Goodbye, shall i say, to the jetty!

The journey to our Island takes about 30 mins on our long speedboat. Passing thru countless of lookalike islands, we are puzzled with, how our driver was able to locate the desired destination without using any compass/GPS - Once in a while, he'll just get up from his seat and take a look of the surrounding before speeding into a direction he wanted!

And so, we've finally reached our Island at about dusk. ( Silly me! I forgot to take pictures of my island! ). We were the last boat to arrive. Everything has already been set up by the other armada. Electricity, food, tents, grass-cutting. We just need to find a good spot to set up our tent.

And so, this is our tent! ( Silly me again! No other pics of my tent too! So, had to hide my fren's pic! ). This is my first time setting up a tent too. Luckily, i just need to help out my ever-reliable manly friends with the setting up. If not, this "effeminate bitch" ( just like what Ian mentioned earlier, which i''m NOT! ) will have to sleep on the ground for the night!

As i've mentioned earlier, the dry & drought season is back with a vengeance. Technically, it also means that the Lake Water is not that cold too!!! Hehehehe. I did not take any pic, again, of the shower room. But basically it's just a small hut made from zinc with a container filled with the water pumped from the lake.   

                                                                                                     p/s: However, the water was ICE-COLD in the next morning, though it was already 8.00 am. Simon Lover was man enough to take up the challenge, and end up with a super tight Balls throughout the session! Hehehe. Simon Lover also has a very bad habit of TFK @ Jerking Off in a new environment for FORMALITY reasons...Hahaha. But that morning, Little ( Or Rather, Big? ) Simon had no choice but to save it for a rainy day instead.

Dinner was basically a Malay Style affair. We had grilled fish & chicken, "belitung", curries, etc. Nothing to shout about except for the grilled marinated chicken. ( The funny guy had to squint his eyes due to the powerful camera flash. )

This is a glimpse of the open-concept wooden hut ( pondok ) that some of the group members slept in. I wouldn't exchange my tent for that. Imagine exposing yourself to mosquitoes, insects & the chilling early winds from the lake?!!!

The sleep was good. Since there's nothing much to do @night, i basically went to bed @10.30pm, One of the earliest sleep i've ever had in such a long time. Armed with just my windbreaker jacket, jeans & socks, i just slept with the bag as the pillow & found a spot where the ground was even enough ( meaning, not many stones or tree roots ) for a good night sleep till 5 am, where i was awoken by the cool, chilling morning wind.
And so, Morning has arrived! After my failed "Formality TFK@ Jerk-Off" in the shower and a sumptuous breakfast of mi hun goreng, the time that we had been waiting for finally began @ 11 a.m! - The Boat Ride around the Lake, on the brand new Dinghy SpeedBoat ( see the pic above ) ! I was seated in the place where you can see the water bottle is. There were 7 of us and coincidentally, the two fatter ones sat @ the back of the boat. So, @ the beginning of the boat ride, the boat was basically speeding in a 45 Degree angle before finding it's momentum, settling down to a more respectable, surface touching position. The weather was rough, strong winds creating lots of sea-like waves,  our Dinghy Speedboat had no choice but to break pass the waves in a rollercoaster ride ( I had to hold on tightly to the boat in order to avoid this Slim Twink from flying off the boat! )

The Orang Asli ( Natives ) Village. Their compound looked much more nicer compared to our shabby huts! They were running wildly back to their houses when our boat got nearer. ( Reason: I heard that they are afraid that we are from the Health Authorities because everytime there is a visit from them, the Orang Asli children will be taken away... which in actual fact, they are taken into The Hospital for treatment & re-feeding the malnourished kids.

A view of the Gigantic Hydroelectric Dam. The place is off-limit to outsiders. So, we could only see it from afar in order to avoid any stand-off with the Military's well-equipped artilleries!

The boat ride around the lake took about 2 hours.( 11 am - 1pm ). Imagine Simon Lover under the scorching sun! Though i like to tan, but i prefer tanning the whole body instead of getting my face charcoal-ed lor! ( i was practically all covered-up except my face nia! )

We took some time off the boat to look for the Rafflesia Flower, the world's Largest Flower, on some of the Islands. But we failed to find one and this is a picture i took from the net instead.

And so, the Trip has to come to an end. 2 days without the Horny BF's whinings, i kinda missed him ady. We finally had our lunch, packed our bags and back to the jetty. Though the trip was tiring; plus a few 5-octave sessions during dinner time ( there were huge wasps flying incoherently around the lightbulb and i only shouted when it bumped into me ok ); a baby scorpion found lingering outside of our tent, a shocking moment when one of the guy, suddenly took off his sarong and exposed his naked butt to me before jumping into the lake, and a quite a handsome, lil' sissy Malay "guy like us" to spy on; the trip was definitely unforgetable and a Big Thanks to the Powers That Be, for sponsoring this trip!

With that, Simon Lover ends his story.... & .... Muacks As Usual!


William said...

Nice photo blogpost. During my early primary school days, nearly everyday also have to colour the stupid alamanda.

conan_cat said...

now that sure looks like fun! got boat to ride, got nice tent, and why the failed tfk session? xD

Evann said...

Awesome! Looks like a mighty good holiday. But tents and sleeping outdoor? Erm, maybe not my idea of a holiday. But I'm sure it was still a nice one. Heheh. :P

Anonymous said...

I would NEVER call you a bitch, dear. A big girl maybe, like the rest of us. LOL I can just hear your five octave ringing out across the lake, as flocks of startled birds soar into the heavens. As for the camp of love shot, I like your "manly fren." Should have been a sleeping bag warmer. :) . - Ian

Bravebear said...

camping! I like campings alot =)

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

WOW, that looks nice. I love camping during my younger days. Nowadays, my kids are not as adventurous as their mother lor! Missing Horny BF already ah??? So sweet! Thanks for sharing with us, Simon!

nicky05 said...

simonlover lo... even if your face or whole body tanned, Horny BF will still sayang- sayang and sweet- sweet you........wuahahahahaah.....XD

Takashi said...

hehehe glad ur back !!

although its disssapointing that there's no pic of yourself... ~~~

simonlover said...

William: Oh. No wonder. Evyday u look @flowers. SLowly it indirectly turned u into one flowery, flamboyant boiboi? Hehehe =)

Conan: Hahaha. Too Cold ma. All the blood flor to other place instead!

Evann: Ya! Since u like skinny dipping, it cud be a great place 4u too! =P

Ian: Would u be my sleeping bag warmer? Hehehe

Bravebear: Thn i salute u!

Shakira: Well, camping is SO NOT COOL for teens nowadays ( or rather adults too ), rite?

Nicky: Oh, like that u dun sayang me isit? Hmmm....

Takashi:Hahaha. Got ma. Dark like my tan!

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