Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Edilson Nascimento - Sexy Brazilian Male Model!


Name: Edilson Nascimento ( Edílson do Nascimento Azevedo )
DOB : 1 April 1986

It's not hard to find Edilson Nascimento's images on the net but it's very hard to decide which of them to be posted on my blog!!! With a Body like that, i'm not amused why Edilson has become One Of The Most Uploaded Male Models in Gay Blogs throughout the World! -- Hoep You Guys Enjoy the pics ya!

2009: Getting all oiled-up, modeling for . ( And please pay attention to the chokers he's wearing! Not the body k! Perverts!!!!!! )





 The shot above is one of my fav! Very sexy!

If i'm the photographer, i'm not sure how i will cover my boner throughout the session lor!

Edilson posing for Magazine site.


Edilson showing off his versatility! Kinky!



I wanna wrap you in my trunks too!
Damn sexy butt!!

Edilson is N2N Underwears latest model!


Do u think he's CUT or UNCUT leh?! Hmmm........



I think it's time for me to start wearing back my THONGS ady! Bt first, i need to search for it ...Hehehe...My maid does tidy my room once in a while. So, most of the XXX stuffs have to be locked in some place...Kheksei!

There's no arguing who is the STAR of the moment!

Edilson in Made In Brazil!

Damn! RED does suits Edilson very well!!! Red Hot Brazilian Stud!

Edilson in Aussie's premier gay magazine, DNA !


 Have u guys tried pointing the shower on you KKJ before for stimulation? Hmmm....Is it nice? Hehehehe





Edilson modeling for International





 Edilson in Terra's The Boy !

Does anyone agree with me that Edilson has one of the most beautiful and inviting butt ever?!! Yummy!

And finally, the infamous pictures that propelled Edilson Nascimento to fame, The Grapes & Banana Photoshoots back in 2007.

I'm sure Edilson's Banana is even bigger than that during flaccid state!


William said...

errm.... really eye-catching accessories. The last pic looks a bit like Tom Welling.

Takashi said...

doesnt do justice to me..
no likey.. but nice pics anyway hahaha...

simonlover said...

WIlliam: Hehehe..U see which one u like! U ask KH to buy it for u lor! ( But the Guy is not for sale ok! )

Takashi: Why? Jealous? Well, i wouldn't mind helping to pour the oil on you if u ever do a photoshoot like that! Hehehehe =)

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

He is really yummy huh???
Too bad he does not like women!

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

man you the best,i mean this blogger and the pic is awesome too...can see his cock shape

at.kk1981 said...

wow... it cures my bluring vision at this working hour instantly.. hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

He's great but personally, I find guys like Leandro Okabe and Akihiro Saito hotter because of their Brazil/Asian mix. - Ian

SZ said...

no wonder u take long time to upload thoseeee picss XD so many!

Rob said...

When I was in my teens my family had a tradition of going to a holiday house after christmas every year. One thing I discovered at the holiday house was the joy of the hand held shower. I'm not sure what inspired me to try it for the first time but I discovered that if I held the shower head in my hand, below the head of my cock and pointing upwards it felt amazing. Obviously you need the water pressure turned down low or its too intense. I could cum just from massaging my cock with the shower. If you get the chance to try it, I highly recommend it :-)

Oh and, damn that Edilson is so hot! He sure does have one of the most beautiful and inviting butt ever!

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