Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sexy US Model - Tyler Lough!


Born: 1986, Ohio, USA.



Modeling for www.allamericanguys.com - This is one of the sexiest collection of Tyler, i guess!

( Personally... I like this picture the MOST! -- I duno why..But his perky butt made my knees go WEAK!



Pictures taken by JD Henderson



Tyler Lough in various underwear modeling shots!

Tayler Lough was picked as a model for www.undergear.com and www.internationaljock.com for their 2009 underwear promos!




A short interview taken from International Jock.com

Tyler, I really enjoyed working with you on the two shoots we've done so far. We’ve shot a lot of models over the years and you are definitely one of the best we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. How do you like modeling underwear and swimwear?
It really doesn't feel any different from doing suits or clothes anymore, but it does get a little cold on set (laughs). Also knowing I have to be in great shape for a job gives me something to work hard for at the gym.

What kind of underwear do you usually wear every day?
Boxer briefs

Do you wear anything to bed? Do you sleep in the nude or wear pajamas or what?
Normally old basketball shorts  ... ( huh?!!! yer...why he dun like to sleep in nude?!! )

And what about for swimming or a day at the beach. What do you wear?
I have a couple pairs of board shorts I got right before I moved to California. Hard for tan lines however.
( there's one thing about American guys which is, SPEEDO is a very very BIG NO-NO in the US! -- U can google search and u' can get many stories, why Americans, be it guys or gals. hate SPEEDOs so much compared to the rest of the world....I duno why, bt AMericans like to be different, dun they?! )

How do you feel about the idea that there will be all these photos of you wearing underwear on the internet and men and women will be lusting after you?
It is still strange to me and my friends to think people want to see pictures of me. I'm a really down to earth person and somewhat shy when it comes to taking pictures.

( p/s": SORRY to all the gays out there...Tyler is 100% STRAIGHT -- Haik! Such a WASTE! )

Tyler Lough on Magazine Covers!

Damn! I wanna bring him on bed with me & the Horny BF too!!!


Tyler in nude for Abrecrombie & Fitch ads! ( above )

So flawless and manly!!!

 There’s just something great about him. Maybe it's his face? Or his body?…But i guess he have already stolen my heart. May be yours too ? Cheers fr Simon Lover!


SZ said...

bring on bed wit u n horny bf??


nicky05 said...

he so sexy....wuahahahaha....XD

William said...

OMG. His package and perky butt really does it for me.

Bravebear said...


Rob said...

Tyler sure does have a nice perky butt. No wonder Simon likes him :-)

Anonymous said...

He's a total Adonis. He has a beautiful face to match his beautiful body. He can be both tender and macho , brooding and sensitive. He is the total hunk and a real Greek god for our times.

Anonymous said...

Just looking into Tyler's soulful eyes and admiring his firm yet supple flesh makes me want to get naked and lose myself in the sexual ecstasy of making love.

Anonymous said...

Tyler is so awesomely beautiful that he could make a dead person come. He makes me glad to be alive.

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