Tuesday, October 4, 2011

9th Anniversary....!

Today marks the 9th Anniversary of The Horny BF & Simon Lover's saga. So, how did we celebrate our lovely day?

Hahaha...Well, da Horny BF had just came back from his long working trip back in his hometown. So, he was down with sore throat & fever. As for me, out of a sudden, I had a minor cough since yesterday [ probably due to the irritating customers who like to show how bad is their cough, by coughing in front of me, as if I don't know that they're coughing! -- Halo?! I don't wear a face mask, ok?! -- Anyone of you who had watched the movie, "Contagion", knows how risky it is working in the healthcare line..especially if you're a frontliner during SARS! ] - but today, my voice totally turned into Bonnie Tyler! How sexy can it be?! -- Imagine I have to scream on top of my lungs. only for my voice to sound like a Tweety Bird..and my customers will go sarcasticly [ or rather, showing some concern? ] --- "You're sick as well, eh?! "

So, we just had a simple dinner at the nearby restaurant. We'll postpone our celebration to a later date. No gift exchanges yet, as I'm aiming for a Braun Buffel Wallet during MidValley's Jusco Card Members' Day sale, where it'll be on 20% discount, plus RM10 voucher for every RM100 spent. After that, went up to da Horny BF's abode and performed some quick formality "ush-ush" =P!

Here's some quick recap of some interesting events happened during our 9-year ordeal! :

a) 2002
You can read more of "How I Met Da Horny BF" over [ HERE ]

b) 2003 
Went Singapore for the first time with da capital H.I.M. Had our first "anal penetration" at.....jeng, jeng, jeng....You guys wouldn't believe it, it happened in one of the dark rooms at "Blue Heaven" sauna! Tsk, tsk, tsk..."BLUE HEAVEN" - wor. For goodness sake, who goes to "Blue Heaven" sauna nowadays?! -- Seriously, back then, for students, Blue Heaven is indeed a "Heaven" to us. $S5 per entry, what do you expect?! At least Blue Heaven still stands compared to the defunct "Towel Club", "One Seven", "Raw". If you during their youngsters night, we get to grab lotsa young, tanned, slim Singaporean twinks/twunks, my dear!

c) 2004 
Coming soon

d) 2005
Coming soon

e) 2006 
Broke up for nearly a week. Why? Because Simon Lover is always flirty in nature. Tsk, tsk, tsk...Simon Lover likes to chat with anonymous guys at various chatrooms. And one of it is at mIRC, #gaymalaysia. For the past one year, I've been chatting with one guy, which I feel that we got along well. And so, one fine night, I finally agreed to the persistent lure from this guy to come out & meet him at the infamous Kelana Jaya swimming pool! --- "Mana tau" [ English translation : Who would've have thought " ], this guy finally exposed his identity that he's none other than da HORNY BF himself!!!!! ---- SLUT BETUL!!!! -- I shall remember his nick, forever & ever!!!! --- If you guys ever see this nick "FRESHTWINK82" at any of the gay chatrooms, please beware of him as he might be my HORNY BF, trying to entice innocent, young boys, okay?!!  -- This caused me to drive all the way, 500km, two and flow, bought a gift [ it's actually and electric shaver, as a token for him to shave his hairy legs when necessary -- "Mana tau", until today, the electric shaver has only seen the daylight for only 1-3 times, since! ] and try to mend our broken relationship! -- KHEKSEI!

f) 2007
Coming soon

g) 2008
Coming soon

h) 2009 
Coming soon

i) 2010
Coming soon

j) 2011
Coming soon

#Coming Soon: --  It's because I have poor memories. I need to strain my brain out just to think back what we did back in those years!!! -- 9 years man, my dears! -- How can I remember?! I need to take out my diary! - One reason why I don't like to reminisce about the past is because I don't like the nostalgic feeling that will eventually melts SL's heart of steel...Very, very heartwrenching - one.  Plus, it's already 12.20am. And as I had mentioned earlier, my voice is sexier than "Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi" - d.

Good Night ya!
[ p/s: It's been a long time since Horny BF guest post in my blog! Can you guys please ask him to do so? ]

Here's a video of Horny BF's favourite Chinese singer, Sammi Cheng!

信者得爱 ( Faith In Love )

Hmm...I don't know why I used to hate Sammi way back in the 90's. Maybe because she was a threat to Faye Wong back then - kot. Hahaha.


Allan said...

Happy Anniversary! Wishing the two of you many many more happy n romantic nine years together.

splatnz said...

Happy Anniversary! Xx

Antonios said...

Congrates...and I have just ended my 3 yrs LDR. Formerly known as Skyhawk.

William said...

HPPYANNV! What happened at KJ only proves that you guys memang ada jodoh.

Takashi said...

happy 9 years!

and I have just ended my almost a year LDR.. Still currently known as pluboy..

lol next year 10 years wor.!!! if raise kid also std 4 jor... lolx..

Anonymous said...

Aiger :
Happy Anniversary So Sweet
I'm a new reader really like to read your story and ur bf. Coz it make me to imagine how great the gay life can be ..
Hope u can post more and more great story and give us the minority clan some hope to dream.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Simon. May you have many more happy years together, grow old together and be together forever and forever... Amen!

Now go and take your pei pa gou!

Ai said...

9 years! so cool! congrats :D

Wanderer said...

Hi Simon, been following ur blog recently. U r really very funny.

somehow, i have a feeling i may know ur Horny BF. ;)

well if he is who i think he is, then u will need take him for a holiday together at an "island getaway with coconut trees and maybe find him some crickets.." :P

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