Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mr.Tantric 2011 - More Pictures!

My apology for not updating my blog for a week! Da parents went to Singapore and da Horny BF came & stay over my house for a week too! Tsk, tsk, tsk...Did a lot of things...Went to MP, went to Melaka but I was busy doing house chores as well...Washing, mopping, cleaning, cooking...Sigh, no wonder girls nowadays hate doing household chores!!! Very time-consuming & tiring too...By the time I reach home & finish all my house chores, it's already 11.30pm - d! So, not much time for me to blog also. But never fear, just wait for my upcoming Melaka post ya!

Here are more pictures of the recently concluded Mr.Tantric Singapore 2011....though I know I should start featuring the contestants for New Icon Magazine's Malaysia's Hottest Hunks 2011/2012...But it is very difficult for me to find pictures of the half naked Malaysian Guys on the net, unless I buy their magazine!! You tell me, what kinda approach that New Icon Magazine is heading to in this internet era! No facebook promotion, no twitter updates!...They are still sticking to the conventional, "Buy their magazine and "SMS" & "VOTE" era! Hmmmm.....

Anyway....enjoy these Singaporean Hunks ya! [ Hahaha...In actual fact, half of them are actually ex-Malaysians-cum-Singaporeans, a Thai and  a gwailo! ]

Pictures are sourced from http://pluguide.com. Please visit their website for more information as they are one of the best Gay Guide available in this region! 

Mr.Tantric 2011 winner...Roy!

1st Runner-Up - Donald

2nd Runner-Up - Alrick!

Mr.Personality - Jeremy!

Sexy Alrick!

Will we ever see the daylights of New Icon's Malaysia's Hottest Hunks posing like this?! We can only hope...!

Sexy Jeffrey Sean Tang!

Sexy Winner, Roy!

Sexy Thai-Singaporean, Pierce!

Muscular Alrick!
Do you want that ass, my dear Tops?!

Sexy Roy

Sexy Baron...

Sexy Ryuu...

Sexy Jeffrey

Sexy Jeremy Ho!

Sexy Xyran Lim!

Sexy Donald!

and Sexy Alrick!

Pictures are credited to: Liyun Wong & Derrick Wee


Anonymous said...

Should've asked da horny bf to help with the household chores mah, thats what husbands are for!..haha.

Anonymous said...

sexy alrick's butts are yummy!!!slurp!!!

Rob H said...

I love the first pic that shows the guy's face so close to the other guy's perky butt with it's sexy tan line. Yum :-)

simonlover said...

@Rob H: Yeah, I like the first picture too!

Anonymous said...

Get a hunky houseboy - leaves you more time to spend with your husband, who is now wearing the chastity belt you thoughtfully bought for him. - Ian

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