Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18-Years-Old Thai Model - Pay Sataporn!

Ever wonder how a 3-month, intensive gymming can do to your body? Look no further...Here's a perfect example of how an 18-years-old, Thai Boy by the name of Pay Sataporn, transformed himself after 3 months of body workout!

18岁嫩男模Pay Sataporn

Pictures are credited to: Haruehun Airry Photography.

He appeared on the Thai Issue of Gay "Attitude" Magazine back in July 2011. Unfortunately for "us", he's  straight! Sigh....

Pay Sataporn, June 2011.

Pay Sataporn, September 2011!

And FUCK! He's only 18-years-old, my dears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's one hot hunk of young man!

Anonymous said...

oh mai gawt...this is miracle and he is very hot!!!!!i can eat him just like that!!!!

Rob H said...

OMG he did that in just 3 months? Wow! He is hot!

Anonymous said...

Religious fanatics have it they can, through the power of prayer, convert gays to the heterosexual lifestyle. So surely we can convert Pay to the gay lifestyle. I for one will be glad to get on my knees before Pay and pray. - Ian