Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Icon For Him, Malaysia's Hottest Hunk #24 - Jordan Yeoh 杨运晖!

As a prelude to the night of New Icon For Him Magazine's "The Hottest Hunks of Malaysia 2011/2012 on 28 October 2011, I will be featuring some of the hunks which are leading the rat-pack in my next few posts!

马来西亚最具话题性与最受欢迎的《THE HOTTEST HUNKS IN MALAYSIA》猛男秀比赛!

Without further ado, presenting to you guys, the current leader in the SMS-&-VOTE contest, Mr.Jordan Yeoh Oon Hooi! (  )

DOB: 2 August 1987 ( 24 years old )
Job: ACE-Certified Personal Trainer at FIT Malaysia,
Education: SMK Taman SEA, PJ.


SMS - "HUNK 24" and send to 36213.
[ Each SMS is RM 1.00 ]

However, have you guys ever wonder, how does Jordan Yeoh looks like, way back before he was a hunk? CURIOUS? 
Please Read More after the jump!


Jordan @ July 2010!

 For more of Progress Pictures from July 2010-August 2011, please go to his website, 


JORDAN YEOH has indeed, came a long way to HUNK-DOM, as he is now!!! 

Still sceptical that Jordan Yeoh does not deserve your votes? Please scroll down for more pictures that might convert you into Jordan-ism!!! 

[ Pictures are sourced from Steven Goh Photography :]

I think Justin Timberlake's BACK isn't as SEXY as Jordan's!!! Agree? 

If you guys have any punctured tyres, please think of Jordan Yeoh, okay?! It's a pleasure for him to do "it" with   for you!

This Jordan Yeoh puts a lot of Malaysian Drivers to shame, my dears!!!!

Haha..I think he looks much more cooler and handsome with short, cropped hair -- Just like the last two pictures below!

Who goes to the same gym with him?!

Unfortunately my gays, Jordan Yeoh is STRAIGHT! So, congratulations to his long-time girlfriend, & wish her happiness with Jordan! 


Clyde Lim said...

he looks like jay chou

Anonymous said...

u can basically see him work out in sunway gym EVERY afternoon

Anonymous said...

HE is so GREAT!!!!! He is the man!!!!

Anonymous said...

He just won the hottest hunk among the 12 chosen ones

Anonymous said...

Definitely handsome

Anonymous said...

What a hunk! Très beau mec..

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