Saturday, October 8, 2011

Groovin' Singaporean Stud - Anthony Chew, Part 2.

Oh My God, I didn't realize that it was way back in February 2011, when I featured this hunky Singaporean fModel, Anthony Chew! Time really flies, eh?! See first Part, HERE.

While I'm busy, blogging all alone at this point of time, [ It's midnight, my dear! ], the Horny BF is re-discovering the passion of flirting again, the feeling of being excited & lusty, all over again, just like when we first started! -- Hahahaha ... Unfortunately, the night doesn't belong to me. When I rang him up earlier on when he sms-ed that he's going to sleep, I can somehow sense that he's actually lying. Hahahahaha --- Well, what can I do. We are the one who practiced an open-relationship in the first place, right?

Yeah, there goes another one of his God-Brother, entering the horny den of the horny palace for a night's sleepover. So, just wish me luck when I call him again after this post ya! [ He never off his handphone during sleep, let's just hope he can "hear" the phone rings..... Hahahaha ..... Puhlezz la, the moans might be even louder that the buzzing ringtone - lor! ] ---- I shall keep you guys updated ya! =P

Cheers! Anyway, enjoy this hunky Singaporean, k!

The unedited photos of his Groovin' Underwear Photoshoot.


Brainy Smurf said...

when you are in an open relationship, what are you holding on to? what makes you believe that you 2 are in love?

to what extend, you think it should be over?

(no offence, just out of curiosity)

Anonymous said...

Lovely underwear pics!

Anonymous said...

first time visiting your blog and it's hot! Im now your fans and please keep it up! :p

William said...

His hair like so salah in the Groovin' shoot

Afidon Yahya said...

How do I need to contact Chew Ze Heng Anthony? I got something to ask him for some information.