Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Icon For Him, Malaysia's Hottest Hunk #24 - Low Thien Yien 刘添运

马来西亚最具话题性与最受欢迎的《THE HOTTEST HUNKS IN MALAYSIA》猛男秀比赛!

Hunk #14: Low Thien Yien ( aka TY Low 刘添运 )
DOB: 28 November 1985
Hometown: Johor Bahru
Stats: 173cm, 67kg, 38.5"-30.5"-37.5"
Occupation: Lawyer

I have blogged this cute hunk before, way back in my January 2010 post [ HERE ], regarding his involvement in a play at The Actors Studio. Wow..Time really flies, eh?!!! 

So now, Mr.Low is back, as one of the favourite contestants for New Icon For Him Magazine's "Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2011/2012" contest!! 


If you guys like him, please SMS & VOTE for "HUNK 14" to make sure that he makes it to the Final 12 Hunks, that will be featured in New Icon For Him's Table Calendar 2012!!! 

I have shown my support, and now it's YOUR TURN! Hahahaha -- To be honest, there are not many people like us in this year's contest, as compared to previous years. But, who cares, right? If you fancy the person, JUST VOTE!

SMS - "HUNK 14" and send to 36213.
[ Each SMS is RM 1.00 ]

[ p/s: No worries. TY is a down-to-earth guy, compared to the previous  featured hunk, who is a total straight hunk but unfortunately, has no qualms in making deragotory remarks on people like us on facebooks/forums.... ]

Yes....All your wishes have come true!!! Any professional STUD, willing to be friends with him? Oh, c'mon! Don't be shy, guys!!!!

Sometimes, we need to unleash the child-like feelings in our heart. Why must we be so serious all the time, right?! 

However, beneath those cute images, there's also another side of him that you have never seen before!!!!! Bodylicious, or what?!!!

And he's ain't no dumb jock / jerk / blonde-ass, my dears!!!!

He's one smart-professional STUD, who graduated among the Top 8, in his Law Faculty! 

HUNK with BRAINS....

Please SMS & VOTE,  if you guys like Low Thien Yien, ya! 
The finals will be held on 28th October 2011, 7.30pm at KL-Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL.

SMS - "HUNK 14" and send to 36213.
[ Each SMS is RM 1.00 ]


Anonymous said...

Is he one of us?

thompsonboy said...

without a doubt, even I wouldnt go that far to use such a 'hiao' picture for top student

Deicidal said...

hiao... hahah i like. omg he's so handsome <3<3<3

ItuAnjingBetina said...

first pic doesnt do him justice at all! yum yum
and i tink i saw his axcest before. if it is the real him :)

Anonymous said...

he looks so hong kong actor like...

link within

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