Saturday, June 12, 2010

Safe Sex Ad Videos!

Came across a cute and funny cartoon advertisement on youtube ( posted on NICKY Boy blogger's facebook ). A HIV-AIDS/Condom awareness cartoon called "Live Long Enough to Find The Right - Guy!"

Though it's just a cartoon, but the storyline kinda touched me as well especially the part where he thought he had found his true love -- only to feel dejected because the guy is up for a ONS!

And here is a Safe Sex Video Promo from 2009's USA'S Gay Porn Industry, Best Bottom Winner - Brent Corrigan!

Brent Corrigan has partnered with Washington D.C.–based STD prevention group DC Fuk !t for a series of instructional videos on proper condom use and sexual health.
You guys can check out his website as well:

( Click the above picture to watch the video )
( Warning: Contains explicit scenes which are not suitable for under-18years old )

Here'a a little biodata on Brent Corrigan. ( DOB: 31 October 2006 )

First burst into the scene in 2004, as a young twink model in Cobra Video's Top-Seller, "Every Poolboy's Dream". He quickly became one of Cobra's most famous performers, where his bare-back-themed movies were critically top rated and commercially top selling. Brent Corrigan's performing career has featured a diverse variety of sexual activity, including semen swallowing, rimming and Cobra Video's first double anal penetration ever by Chase McKenzie and Brent Everett.

( However, please note that Brent Corrigan later apologized that he faked his ID in his earlier videos where he was only 17 years old at that time. Cobra Videos has since taken off 4 of his videos from the market "Every Poolboy's Dream", "Schoolboy Crush", "Bareboned Twinks" and "Cream Bareback Boys". )

Brent Corrigan is currently one of the hottest gay porn actor in the industry and has been nominated as well as winning numerous time at USA's Gay Video Awards since 2007.
( Well, you guys can download some of his videos to see justify whether he deserved the titles or not..Hahaha )
....Brent Corrigan During His Twinky Bottom Years....

The Infamous Blue Star Tattoo on his Butt!
( So, anyone of u wants to have a tattoo like his?! )

And the new, buffed up Brent Corrigan of the 2009 and 2010!
Nowadays, i think Brent Corrigan is too buffed up for my liking - liao. Though he still have the babyface look & humongous dick, but he tends to be the TOP in his recent films. Well, people will change isn't it. You can't be scrawny in your entire life! This is especially so in the United States where the peer pressure of gymming up & buffing up your body is tremendous for a scrawny guy. If not, the scrawny guy will definitely be blacklisted from the crowd ( or rather jocks? ) as a Nerd or Faggot! - Well, that's life in the US, i guess?.....


Little Dove said...

The star tattoo appeared only in the videos he acted when he was still barely legal. It disappeared when he reached the legal age. Or so I heard! ;p

ichimaru akira said...

I have 2 of his banned movies and he's damm hot.

Dove: the star is still there

nycboy said...

DOB - 2006??
So he is not even 4-year old?

nicky05 said...

suddenly my name pula..:P

hmm..young Brent Corrigan is sweet.....but the now Brent Corrigan is HOT...XD

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