Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hot Malaysian Male Model : Ali T.Wenshen

Hot Malaysian Male Model  - Ali T.Wenshen ( aka Tan Wen Shen )
Hometown : Penang
Alumni : Chung Ling High School, Han Chiang College.

Birthdate : 4 March 1982
Height: 6"
Weight: 70kg
Vital Stats : 41-31-36
Race : Mixed Chinese-Thai!
Religion : Methodist Christian

He has participated in many Hunks Competition before, such as:

Mr.Titanium 2008

NewIcon For Him, Malaysia's Hottest Hunks 2008/2009 Top 30 Finalists

QEII Club's Bachelor Hunk 2009, Penang Waterfront.

Hmm...Does anyone of you by any chance was at the event that day?!....Such a waste, as i could only find one pic nia....

And he has been modeling since 2006....

2006 - 2007

Pictures from David Thian Photography

Sexy trail line! And i wonder where does it leads to?....Hehehehehe

Private Structure Fashion Runaway 2008

From L-R = Phirence Tan, SK Low, Udd Surip, Ali T.Wenshen, unkonwn, Danny Lim

Ali T.Wenshen with fellow sexy Malaysian Model, Phirence Tan.

Private Structure Underwear Show at Frangipani Bar, KL 2008

Hehehe.....I wonder why does Male Models like to place their Disco Sticks Upwards...Maybe it makes "IT" looks bigger - kot! - 
And look at the eyes of the crowd...especially the man in the dark green polo tee...Hmmmmmmmmmm..............Really have No comments for it!... -

Hmmm...I only like the exposed-Renoma Underwear Waistband....Prefer clean-shaved guys

My formal wear fetish! Nice!

Ah-Ha...Seems like dressing up as a playboy waiter is currently the in-thing for Malaysian Male Models! Anyone wants them to serve you? Hehehehe

Ali Tan Wenshen likes pets! He keeps rabbits as pets! Cute!

Finally, i saved the Best Picture for Last...This is one of my favorite Ali T.Wenshen picture....A Bridal Photoshoot taken in Bali...

Now, who doesn't want Ali T.Wenshen to be your "White Horse Prince"?!!!!!!!!!!


William said...

He looks best in the last pic. Ooo.. Phirence is cute!

Paul Figaro J said...

simon, 1 of the contesten in the picture "QEII Club's Bachelor Hunk 2009, Penang Waterfront" is my gym class instructor....and i'm quite close with him...heheheh...almost everyday i chat with him in locker room and he just clad in towel mia...hehe...dont jealous

Skyhawk said...

Old CLHS boy? My come my batch don't have any hottie like him one?

SZ said...

Danny Lim as in this Danny Lim?!/profile.php?id=100000708466317

simonlover said...

@William: Haha. Yalor. Maybe i should do a re-post on Phirence again! Hehe

@Paul: I know. His name is Reagan Kang ma. Oh, So, he's the guy you've been raving about in your blog ah! The guy who like to pinch ur nipples! But...He's straight wor....

@Skyhawk: Well, maybe guess none of ur batchmates look as hot as you back then?! =)

@SZ: Yup, that's him. But married jor...

SZ said...

married? he is a student at Limkokwing, i dont think he's married yet.but dunno la cos he's a junior. now very less seen him ady,guess busy modelling or something

Paul Figaro J said...

pinch my nipple?? when do i ever said that?? how u know him jiek?? hahah..he is The-Naughty-One. I also know he is straight lahh..i even know his girlfriend tim

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