Friday, June 25, 2010

Manscaping Tips - Part 2!

In continuation of my "Manscaping Your Pubes - Part 1"  post ( click here )

Does anyone of you guys wants to be as smooth as this hunk below?!

Brazilian Hunk, Edilson Nascimento!

Or have a BACK that's so smooth till every touch from the tip of your partner's tongue gives you an orgasmic sensation?!!!

US Model, Tyson Paige

Today, I came across a wonderful commercial by Nivea For Men - Active 3 product on youtube. The commercial is about TIPS on HOW TO SHAVE YOUR BODY IN THE SHOWER?

Nivea For Men - Active 3  
A refreshing shower, a caring shampoo and a pleasant shaving gel all combined in one product. The revitalizing gel with advanced MICRO TEC-Technology (Vitamin F and high tec polymers) offers mild cleansing for body and hair while developing into caring foam that smoothes the skin and allows a soft yet thorough shave.

In the commercial, they made it looked so simple, fast and easy - which is something that i find kinda hard to fathom with because i myself takes about 10-20 minutes just to trim/shave my tiny little pubic area -- my only area with the most hair except the head of course -- compared to the Hairy Guy on the video!!!!!!!!


-- THE FACE --






.....and AFTER.....
So, which one do you guys prefer? The hairy hunk before shaving or the smooth hunk after shaving?!!!
( p/s: IMHO, i wouldn't mind whether the Hunk is shaved or not because once a handsome Hunk, he'll be forever a Handsome hunk! - Hehehe )

Therefore, By following the tips above, showering will never be the same again and with Nivea For Men's Active 3, it will definitely give us a whole new sensual experience and bring us closer in achieving that ultimate SMOOTH HUNK / TWINK FANTASY!


William said...

Give me a smooth twink any time of the day!

Skyhawk said...

Smooth guy is always my choice.

nicky05 said...

Woah~~~a sexy back guy...I don't mind also...XD

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