Monday, June 21, 2010

Pink Boys!

Why does the colour PINK is always associated with GAYS?

The color pink is usually associated with feminine character. Therefore, men who wear pink are generally regarded to be "girly", or gay through the eyes of the community. However, over the years, men are becoming more and more conscious in their sense of dressings, thanks to the metrosexual era of the 2000's and doesn't mind being caught wearing a pink attire.

Guys, be it straight or gays, love PINK colour as much as girls nowadays, especially in Asia. You can ask any of your Asian guy friends, chances are, 90% of them owned at least one PINK attire! And mind you, straight guys sometimes have more pink T-Shirts than us gays! 

So, enjoy today's post of BOYS in PINK ya!

Gorgeous Malaysian Actor - Gary Wong!

Hunky Malaysian Male Model - Jeffrey Cheng!

Sexy Taiwanese Hunk - Tiger!

Taiwanese Guy in Hot Pink Shorts

Singapore Calendar Guy 2010 winner, Jason Chee in pnik TOOT underwear!

2nd Runner Mr.Singapore 2009 - Nicholas Teo in Pink SPEEDO!

Now, who says a guy in pink speedo is not manly enough?!!

Now, if just American Guys are courageous enough to wear speedos to the beach instead of shorts!

Haha..This is definitely a GAY boy! =)

Sexy Pink Calvin Klein undies!

Very sexy indeed!

A very inviting pose from a sexy Hong Kong stud!

Hmmm...Make me feel like wanting those pink trunk nia!

Japanese Go-Go dancers on fire!

Haha..Another inviting pose from a Taiwanese Guy!
Ah..The sexy Japanese Asics swim trunks. You can check out this taiwanese website which is selling it for 2780 TWD = which is roughly RM 278! -- Hmm..If just Japanese clothes are not that expensive...Sigh.


William said...

Wonderful set. I suddenly wanna sing Aerosmith's "Pink".

nicky05 said...

Woah~~~ PINK..OMG..NO..:P

Skyhawk said...

Gary Wong is cute! I have few pink tees too...

Rob said...

I've never worn much pink before but a buddy of mine just gave me a pink jockstrap and I think it looks great :-)

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