Monday, May 31, 2010

Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2010 - Summer Sunset Party!

Whoa. The last two weekends were kinda hectic for me. From Islands ( Penang ) to the Highlands ( Genting Highlands ), the in-between Birthday Celebration as well, finally i will get some rest and concentrate on my blog! - since the last post on Que Andre Kasbani was a scheduled post - Hehehehe.....Sorry for the late comment replies ya!

Now, since my post on Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2010 last Tuesday, my blog has an average daily hits of more than 2500! It is unusually high for my blog, especially when i'm MISSING-IN-ACTION, where my readership barely even touch the 2000 hits meter. Though how i wish the high hits can translate into MONETARY $$ value -- [ FYI, i don't earn any money from my blog. The reason why i still continue blogging is that i feel it's a waste not to share the Sexy Asian Guys with all of you here ].

So, by continuing riding on the wave of Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2010 popularity, today's post will yet again, feature these Singaporean Hunks! On the 26th May 2010, Heeren had just hosted another Manhunt Singapore event, which is the "Summer Sunset Party", featuring the guys performing various stunts, meet the fans session, half-naked catwalk on their sexy jeans & skimpy swimwears!

So guys, here are some of the pictures from the event, taken from the STOMP website,
( However, i can only manage to get pictures of them in jeans -- Not pictures of them in their skimpy swimtrunks! - I shall try my best to search for it in this few days before the Finals on 5 June 2010 ya! - Unless, there are some generous readers willing to contribute the pictures to me?!! - Hehehehe )

The Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2010 Finalists!

[ There are supporters as well as detractors on the quality of 2010's Finalists!Well, Nobody is perfect, right? - We should be happy that there are guys like them, be it good looking, mediocre or ugly at best, willing to take part in these kind of pageants and share their body with the World! Right, guys?! ]

So, on that lovely evening, a few awards were given out to the contestants. And here were the Winners...It's up to you guys to judge whether they deserved it or not? - Hahaha

Goldheart Mr. Suave Award - Jovin Koh

Corona Beer Most Sexy Hunk Award - Lim Jun Hong

Tommy Summer Hunk Award - Norazmi

Lee Cooper Model Award - Alex Lim

Mr. Personality - Zack Tan

And the other Finalists as well....
Benjamin Tan and Akhtar      

Kasbani and Kee Wee

Brothers Koh Bin, Koh Jin -  Haha., till now i still cnt recognize which is which?!

Matthew & Ragu

Ridwan and Sean Phua

Shawn Ng & Xavier

Zach Tan

....Xavier, Kasbani, Ragu, Benjamin....

Sexy Singaporean Hunks In Jeans!

Well, enough of half naked guys. Why don't we compare their looks when they are fully clothed instead. They may look ugly in the buff, but when they are fully clothed, they might get you interested in them!

Ragu & Kasbani

Shawn & Benjamin

Alex Lim & Ridwan

Kee Wee & Matthew
Well, they may look kinda "exotic" compared to the other guys. But i have a hunch they might be "One Of Us"....Hmmmm....I don't know why. "Stereotyping" perhaps?

Akthar, Xavier, Azmi

Brothers Koh Bin, Koh Jin

Zach Tan, Jun Hong


William said...

Mr Personality looks cranky. :P

freddiewee said...


Paul Figaro J said...

ohh......come penang never ask me out pun!!!....NGOR JIT SAU EM DOU LORRRRR!!! hmm!!!! >.>

Anonymous said...

KeeWee is PLU, was my frens ex

blue said...

ur birthday kah?

sgboy said...

They don't look all that hot with clothes on..haha

Horny BF said...

Seriously, they don't look any hotter with their clothes on.
Not that all of them were seriously droolworthy without.

Enduring Love said...

jun hong...

Bravebear said...

zach tan kinda cute lorh~

Jovin looks good... the pic ture in this post is better than the previous.

Anonymous said...

They don't even look handsome or good with clothes on. Gosh! Lucky they still have a hot body to compensate. But personally, I like Jovin Koh the most and Benjamin.

What about you?

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