Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

There is no better place to take pictures of yourself than your home!!! I guess everyone here agrees that your home is the place where you feel most comfortable with. It is also the place where you can go naked anytime & anywhere you want! With a house full of mirrors or the ever inviting, photography equipments easily accessible in your home, it's no wonder that some guys look the sexiest when they are at home!

Please enjoy these pretty guys posing in various home sections. Hopefully there are none that needs any Home Improvement advice oh! Muacks from Simon Lover!

The Living God in the LIVING ROOM

"Stop callin', stop callin',
I don't wanna think anymore!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor!"
-- Puhlezzz......With a Hot Guy like him calling me, i wouldn't mind cyber-sex'ing with him at all, my dears!!!!!!!!!!!! ----

Some people have no qualms exercising in the buff as well!
And i wonder does Pluboy does the same at home either? Or Paul J has balls as big as those?!!!

Some people keep teddy bears as their best friend as well. Remember Mr.Bean's Teddy?!!! 
- That's right. So, do any one of you guys has any favourite teddy bear to accompany you to sleep?

The SOFA can be a very Inviting place to have sex. I'm sure many of you guys had tried it before. Be it single, double or triple penetration, do not ever underestimate the orgasm that you'll get by having sex with anyone on the SOFA!

Coincidentally, the living room is also the largest open space in your house, That's why, it's not surprising to see that some people like to take it all out from the bedroom, seeking excitement & solace in the living room.
Well, who can blame them? You tell me? Is it nicer to hear and watch the guy moaning, screaming & running around & away from you leather whips, candles, cigarrettes, dildos, jumpers, clips than the bottom guy lying motionless on the bed?!!


Lying on the bed naked and the feeling of being pictured by someone is very self-pleasuring indeed!

  And i'm sure there are many guys who are willing to pay Jake Ng for just lying on the bed with them! - Who wouldn't, you tell me?!!

 I'll be damned....I guess i need to have a few more tanning sessions just to achieve that level of tan line once again oh!
The Bedroom is also THE place where TWO-BECOMING-ONE activities are hotly performed and videotaped! -- Suffice to say, we don't blame Mr.Fable Frog of indulging in this sin either. I'm sure he's happy about it, especially when he gets older & looked back at all the pictures/videos of him mating...Hahahaha


The Bathroom is the only place where one gets naked 100% of the time! The place to clean up ourself, making our body "fragrant" enough for our "potential" partners to enjoy our body later on....Hahahahaha!

And who can resist the temptation of camwhoring especially with a big mirror like that in the Bathroom?! If you have the body, then don;t be shy to flaunt it! Everyone has a narcissist instinct at one point in their life, -- It's A FACT, my dear!!!!!!

Does anyone of you have the habit of stripping naked while negotiating a "big business"  deal in the toilet?!!! I know i have...Hehehehehehehehe

The Bathroom is also the place to groom yourself. Brushing your teeth, shaving, plucking your eyebrows, trimming your nose hairs, applying moisturizers & anti-aging creams, etc....


I hope the hunk will be careful of the boiling cooking oils! You do not want it to scare your silky, smooth skin later oh!

Is it getting "HOT" in here or the other way round?!!!

And waste not! Where shall we place our mouth or rather "tongue" to drink/lick the spilled milk?!!! - Suggestion? - How about the butt crack? Hehehehe

It's better than getting Shakira for Laundry Service! Don't you guys agree?

Last but not least, i'm sure all of us has taken some kinky pictures before at any point of our life while we were at home. And always remember, don't be shy guys. Everyone is SEXY in their own way. You just need to be proud of yourself!

A HOTperformance from The Queen Of Rock N'Roll, Tina Turner's PROUD MARY, 1996 Wembley Concert 
( She was 57 yo @ that time and there's no doubt why they named her LEGS as the most famous legs in the world as well! )


William said...

There should be more open spaces indoors! I'm all for open air bathrooms!

Takashi said...

1. I workout at home with dumbells, naked..

2. I am naked all the time at home, alone.

3. Means I shit naked also.

4. I just have someone taken my picture while lying in bed naked, OMG!!! Actually, only recently, but that was for a photoshoot... not sex :)

Points 1-4: naked at home...

5. i love open-air bathrooms too.. and showering under the stars, or sun or moon.. is so hot!!

6. I can be very daring and an exhibitionist.. lol.. he who has it, flaunts it :)

Anonymous said...

Sitting on a washing machine going at full speed? Now THAT'S what I call a vibrator! - Ian

Rob said...

I love seeing pictures of guys when they are naked at home, especially naked on their bed or in the bathroom mirror.

Jake sure does look hot laying on a bed.

PS I naked in my hotel room as I read your blog :-)

Fable Frog said...

ISH! why was i mentioned under such photo~!! >,< haiya~ with today's digital technology~ almost everyone take nude photos of themselves lah~ be it straight, gay, male or female~ so normal~ But it is important to photograph ourselves as artistically as possible lah~ my mistake was letting other ppl take unflattering photos of me in compromising situation :(

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