Thursday, May 27, 2010

Que Andrea Kasbani Kasimon - Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2010 Finalist

Today's spotlight is on Que Andrea Kasbani, Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2010 Finalist, one of the sexiest Malay hunk in Singapore!

DOB: 14 April 1989 ( 21 years old )

Singapore Calendar Guys Model 2010

Hunk Of The Month
"Mr. January 2010"

NutriFirst Sponsored Athlete/
Fitness Model 2009/10

Official Picture for Mr.Singapore Manhunt 2010 Finalists.
Now, if just our Malay counterparts in Malaysia are daring enough to pose in skimpy swim trunks!

Some of the pictures sourced from prolific photographer, Eddie Guyono's Flickr.

Stripping made easy...Yummy!

Random Que Andrea Kasbani pictures!

Very sexy indeed! - Now, if just he could have taken a wet shot!

Now, i guess he's kinda well-trimmed person because...i can't really see any dark bushes on certain parts of his body ler...

Melayu Boleh!!!!

The Transformation Of Kasbani Kasimon! 
Before that, he's just a typical twinky looking teen..But after undergoing 2 years of army-like National Service, "Boom"!!!! - Welcome The New Kasbani!!!!

He has grown up to be one helluva stylish stud!

Singapore Calendar Guys Carwash Event 2010

Trying to woo customers for some carwash!

Look at the girls in the car! Lucky them! The boys are working very "hard" indeed!

Now, someone should suggest them to wear swim shorts instead!

Last but not least, the one thing that i'm still curious is..."Is He One Of Us?"


William said...

Quite a piece of rendang! But a bit too beefy for my taste.

tuls said...

i like nasi lemak.. never fail to satisfy me :)

blue said...

really amazing transformation...but overly buff looks scary

Anonymous said...

i think his proportions are just nice..but too bad he is straight.. =(

Mr.D said...

definitely one of us. i loveee. i wish we have N.S too~ hoho

i don't think he's overly buff, juz nice~

Ten Chunk said...

unbelievable change! Is he a malay guy? can I take these pics away and have more pics of him?

simonlover said...

But i think he's only 169cm tall. Kinda short for that kind of body! Haha.

@TenChunk: Sure, the pics are not copyright from me anyway. Haha. I'll try to email you more of his pics too ya!

Anonymous said...

he's only 169?

no wonder la he nampak chunky..

maybe a little bit more height will do for him :)

but I dont think the solo pic makes him it

link within

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