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Malaysia's Hottest Hunk - Calvin Hee Kah Weng ( 许佳荣 )

Simon Lover has gone Missing-In-Action, yet again, for the past one week. But do not fear, i shall post some of the happenings during that period in my future posts.

So, today's post will be on a hot Malaysian Model, Calvin Hee Kah Weng 许佳荣. [ Finally, after being kept in my collections for months - I think i have too many "back-order" hunks that need to be cleared - ler... ]

Name : Calvin Hee Kah Weng
Date Of Birth: 31 May 1982 ( Gemini )
Hometown : Serdang, Selangor.

Education : Hin Hua Chinese School, Klang ( It's so near!!!! ) , Taylor's College.
Sexual Orientation : "STRAIGHT" [ Yup - Don't even hope for him to veer off!!! -- Sigh -- ]

Indirectly, today's post is also dedicated to the sexy blogger Fable Frog ( ) cuz i caught him "oogling" & "doodling" at Calvin Hee in his post & dream while i was googling for Calvin Hee.

Picture Courtesy From Mr.Fable Frog. 
[ I think the tongues are wagging after looking at how hawt and "smooth" the Frog is! Definitely not a-toad, my dear! Muacks Muacks! ]

Calvin Hee, 2009 - 2010 era...

All sweaty after a hard day at the gym!

Calvin Hee with his brother. Unfortunately, he's already married with a child!

Malaysia Men's Uno Model Search 2009

Calvin Hee also took part in Malaysia's Men's Uno magazine Model Search 2009, held in October 2009, Pavilion, KL, and won the 2nd Runner-Up Prize.
For more info and pictures, you can visit
Some pictures are taken from ckkoh photography and starztrack as well.

Now, which one are you interested in? The Lab Series item or Calvin Hee? Hehehehe

Looking very suave indeed!
The winner was Adrian. From the above picture, you can see that Calvin is on the shorter side though....Nevertheless, he still looks manly. No wonder Fable Frog picked him instead!

Calvin Hee, the 2007-2008 era

Calvin Hee also took part in Malaysia's "New Icon For Him" magazine "The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2007/2008 Contest. I do not know whether he managed to win something, nor who's the winner was as well [ maybe anyone of you can help me out? ], but one thing i'm sure is that Calvin Hee is definitely one Hot Hunk indeed!

( Picture taken from )

The Army Boys! Dazed And Confused?!! Not me - My eyes automatically transfixed at Calvin Hee especially his "treasure trail"!

I'm so envious of Fable Frog's tongue! I can only "concentrate" one part at a time compared to his! - Khek sei ah!

Arms Around The World?!

Again -- The "lost in direction" arms...Well. You can't blame him either. Who can resist the touch of that pretty body?!!!

Well, i think this picture is kinda -- Too Manly to me -- Hahaha.

Now, who says girls are not "hamsap" [ Horny ]?!!!!!
I've got a few pictures of the girl above, kept camwhoring in various encounters with Calvin Hee and posting it on the internet!!

Drop that TOWELS, guys! And the underwears as well!!

I met The hunk on the right before. He's a very friendly, charming, funny guy, who works as a Doctor. However, sorry to break all the gays heart ( including Blue Soule? ) -- He's married with a baby girl!!!!

Another Straight Guy. Sigh....Those days, i think there are more Straight contestants compared to nowadays. To those who are familiar with Kakiku Sauna, each year they will display the Hottest Hunks Calendar on the counter. So, the Hunks that "patronized" KakiKu will leave their signature on it and if i'm not mistaken, nearly half of the 12 Calendar Guys are GAY - especially in the recent years!!!!!

The contestants picking their desired underwear....for the photoshoot below!

New Icon For Him Magazine: Malaysia's Hottest Hunks 2007/2008 Finalists
3rd Row from left - Dexter Yap, Jazz Cheah, Andy Chong
2nd Row - Kane Leong, Sunny Ooi, Calvin Hee, Foong Voon Hong, Tan Wei Yiap.
Front Row - Benny Ng, Mike Kwan, Cheng Chin Eight, Kee Cher Ern.

Here's a short video of how the contest is like during the competition. I'm not sure what year was it. But i think it's the 2008/2009 Edition.....Now, everyone, shake ya abs!!!


William said...

I prefer his look in the first 3 pics. That fable pic is quite new one le. Last birthday.

the happy go lucky one said...

gosh he is hot, but still i think fable is hotter and way better in modelling lollll....

Fable said...


actually need to put my pic meh for this post~ nanti Calvin google and saw me pulak! LOL

and i stalk his FB sometimes... :P

Anonymous said...

If these are a sample of Malaysian army boys, then they can invade my country and take me prisoner any time. I will not resist. - Ian

Anonymous said...



Evann said...

Nice bod, mediocre face. Hahah!

Horny BF said...

LOL to the Fawg's priceless shot.
Seriously, the 'hottest' hunks were not even half tempting.

Unlike you dear .... =P

SZ said...

omg him >.<
he sure one of my favourite!but then i guess he is kinda lan si..i guess la~
sure he is straight? all i see is he always add big buff hot guy on his fb

oh Mr.Fable your pic is epic! :D

oh horny bf, ur simon sure is more tempting from all those hunks ;)

simonlover said...

@William, THGLO, Fable,Horny BF, SZ: You see! Everyone agrees that Fable's picture is more epic that Calvin Hee!

@Ian: Wow! So now i know you are into muscular hunks instead of twinks! Ah-Ha!

@Evann: Well, it's hard to find a really perfect guy isn't it... =)

Fable Frog said...

WAH WAH!! he's in this video!! it's brand new!!

hehe love love love!

hehe~ was shot at my friend's studio :)

Anonymous said...

Is this all malaysia can offer? poor guys... soooo uglyyy... all that is in there are muscles.. sooo ugly!!!

simonlover said...

@To Anonymous: Well, if you can provide me details of your self-pic and country, i would not hesitate in agreeing that you're one helluva handsome stud. But if you just leave a comment like that without any proof that your country produces alot of handsome hunks, well, i guess you're one fugly bigoted guy.Enough said...!

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: By the way, i do agree with you that most of the contestants are ugly as well. However, that does not mean every Malaysians are ugly as well. In every country, there are bound to have Handsome ones and Ugly ones. Nobody is perfect ya! - And don't mind my harsh words in the earlier comment. We are all sexy in our own way. Cheers.

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