Monday, May 24, 2010

Malaysia's Private Structure Underwear Models!

Sorry for being away in this last few days. Had a birthday weekend getaway with the Horny One....=)

Here are some event pictures of Malaysia's premier Underwear Brand, "Private Structure"....!
( Please visit their website for more info : )

@Tangs, Pavilion 2010

The first three pictures above is Jayson Lee Yit Zheng, 李业政, of the 8TV's "I Wanna Be A Model" ( 我要做Model ) Season 1, fame ( 2006 ). DOB: 20 Dec 1986, 182cm, 76kg from Cameron Highlands, Pahang. A sexy farmboy indeed!!!!! All the muscles gained from years of milking & agricultural activities! Who needs Fitness First anyway, right?!!!!

An Event held in 2008 at a popular club in KL. Any idea from anyone where isit and also the models? Haha...You see! That's the problem of not keeping your picture collections in order!

Look at the man on the left. I wonder where his eyes are looking at?!!!

Again the same man on the left! Cherishing the model's butt isit?!

The model above should be Ali. T Wenshen...

And this one is Wilson Tan Siong Ping...

2nd from left is Udd, Phirence Tan, SK Low..The one with the boxing glove is Jayson Lee.

An event at Triple Pride Parade, Maison. Sexy Private Structure Swim Trunks!

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