Friday, October 19, 2012

New Icon's The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia - 2012/2013

New Icon For Him Magazine's annual, "The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012/2013" is back with bigger and better finalists this year around!

The grand finals will be held on 2 November 2012, 7.30pm and the KL&Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.
In the meantime, what we can do is to SMS our votes to our favourite contestants, making sure they will be selected in the final Top 12 Hottest Hunks In Malaysia!

After looking through  the pictures ( Honestly speaking, I think New Icon's photographers did no justice on the contestants' pictures! They should have sacked the photographers long time ago ... Seriously! -- If you look back at all the previous years, contestants who were truly handsome looked damn fugly on the finalized pictures ... Don't believe me? Later you can scroll down further to see the latest results on the on-going SMS Votes ....! Perhaps they got lower votes because the pictures made them look ugly....Imagine you only have that one picture for your audience to vote? Damn, kesian right?

Hence, here are my favourites:
1) No.29 - Ho Wei Bing
2) No.16 - Jeff Wong
3) No.28 - James Ng
4) No.1 - William Yap
5) No.21 - Benjamin Leow 
6) No.13 - Tan Teck Meng
7) No.25 - Daniel Tan
8) No.27 - Gino Chin
9) No.14 - Hans Yung
10) No.8 - Jon Chung
11) No.12 - Lone Wong
12) No.26 - Edwin Chan

Please SMS and Vote over here : 


fable said...

Their bodies are all quite nice~ Faces average but considered not bad. Sport themed shoot also not that bad but ya, the hard flash for their vote photos are quite amateur :) but... Wah #20 have +2k votes! Must be a socialite :P

Shin Yong said...

All got hot bodies..drooling now. =D This time all qualities not bad, not sure their photos got edited or not ; )

tuls said...

err... only 2 caught me eye... 13 and 25.. the rest can byebye for me! lolllll hahahahahaha.. some i had toooot before wor how? lol... kidding kidding...

Anonymous said...

29 claims he is straight but i blew him before n we did some other ahem things lol. huge HUGE dick

Anonymous said...

I love all their bodies and faces! Wow, but it is really hard to vote for one, but I really like Hans Yung.(Yang Jian Guo) too bad he didn't win.

H.B said...

Anon: Huge dick? More info about 29 pls :P

Gary said...

Anon: Just a BJ? Fucked my mouth and ass. Hot yummy cock, hot yummy body with fucking arrogant personality that somehow makes me hard and horny. But yeah too bad he claims that he just "plays" with guys and is straight. Never got a second experience which is too bad since he was the best top that I ever had. Came 7 times in 2 plus hours. Gawd.

simonlover said...

@Gary: Josh Ho? Well, sometimes straight guys like the wild sex they have with gays...Just that they still prefer to get married with ladies...Gays are just a form to satisfy their lusts ...

Gary said...

Oh he is not just wild. He is a gay man's fucking wet dream. I'm usually a dominant top and even when I bottom I'm in control. But after a few minutes he had me on my knees kneeling between his thighs begging him to let me blow him. My cock was all wet before I even got to lick his balls. And the way he grinded his body and cock all over me... Damn to this day my ultimate wish would be a second night with him.

H.B said...

@Gary: Gosh, sounds so perfect! You must have shot body and a handsome face too :) But how you meet him? Through what? Is his dick really big?