Monday, July 23, 2012

Ho Chi Minh Boys - Part 3!

So, my Saigon trip has gotten into another twist, it seems...My friend's friend has a Vietnamese friend, whom he befriended when the Vietnamese was working as a masseur back in KL and he'll be bringing us around on some of the days....And from what my friend describe, the Viet Boy sounds yummy!!! Hahahaha ... So slutty me!

Anyway, just back from a short trip to Singapore last week. Went swimming at Queenstown Pool. Yup...Of all places...Hahaha. Delta lar -- YioChuKang lar -- Buona Vista lar -- but Queenstown?! Well, what to do, the pool was on the way  - ma. It's one of the oldest swimming pool in Singapore. But the design was a bit to open, especially with the Cafe facing down the pool... I had to cover up myself while walking to the tanning deck and turned the deck facing the other side...Hahahaha....Imagine how traumatic it will be to those young kids with me spreading my cock in my red swimtrunks, while they're having their meals? Hmmm....So salah ...

Ah....Next time I must wear Thong to gym - d! Sexy - kan?!


allan said...

Hi Simon..long time.. its good to have a local boy taking you around, but sometimes when they take you to clubs or bars,suddenly a group of their friends will appear from nowhere and you will be expected to foot their bill, you could be threatened if you refused to do so!
I m not saying it will happen, but this has happened before to one of my friends so do be careful okay? enjoy yr trip ya..

simonlover said...

Hey Allan! Yeah, it's been a long since the last time you left a comment! Muacks!

Wow...How naive I am...I nvr even tot of it!! Hmm..True true.. Will be careful!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of things Vietnamese......

A sitcom about three gay men sharing a flat in Ho Chi Min City has become a YouTube hit in Vietnam.

My Best Gay Friends, directed and created by 20-year-old drama student Huynh Nguyen Dang Khoa, has had its first episode viewed over 165,000 times.

Khoa plays the leading role, a character also called Khoa, whose parents make him move out of the family home on his 20th birthday in episode one. Khoa then moves in with his friends Han and Ngo Xuan Nhat.

‘All of us in the leading roles are gay in real life,’ said Khoa, as reported by Thang Nien News. ‘We hope that people will have a proper, comprehensive and compassionate understanding of homosexuality.’

-- Ian

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed with Allan,it happened to me and my friends when we were there last year!
Also,be very careful with pickup sex,some of the boys worked with the local authorities n the police will appear out of nowhere n extort money from u.
This is esp. true in vietnam n philippines.

Just B3cks said...

Wah, it's that you in the photo? Nice :) .. Ur blog is always my favorite..