Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Groovin' Swimwear - Aqua Sapiens!

When I first discovered and bought Groovin' underwear way back in February 2008 in Zen Departmental Store, Central World, Bangkok, it wasn't very popular among Gays in Singapore / Malaysia / East Asia. Along the years, Singaporeans finally discovered the sexiness of Groovin' and someone even managed to bring Groovin' to Singapore! -- Hahaha ... I'm GOOD at discovering new potentials in the Gay World isn't it?

( p/s: My Groovin' undies are still in good shape even though 4 years old - d! The waistband are still tight! Unlike Renoma undies where it will loosen and become wrinkly after a few years.... Haha .. Perhaps cuz I always handwash my undies? Eww.......! ) 

Sometimes, I think that I should use my blog for more useful purposes, say..helping to promote gay businesses or gay events...Right? I have the readers, I have my own Deep Throats, I have the exposure...But I just don't have the time!! Hahaha .... Perhaps anyone of you think that you want me to help promote your products / events / activities / or even yourself, please feel free to drop me an email ya!

Anyway, Groovin' has launched a new range of Swimwear called, Aqua Sapiens ... They even managed to get two of the hottest Singaporean Hunk to model for them ...So, without further ado, please enjoy the boys ya!

Tanning in style!

It's Raining Men indeed!

This is one of the sexiest picture of Richmond Ang and Shawn Ng! Gosh!
Unfortunately, both of them are not GAY...!!!!

And here are some pictures from the Launch Show at Taboo, 2 June 2012, Singapore.

Do comments on the models ya! Hehe....

Well, let's just say that Beefy is not my cup of tea .... Haha

Anyway, here's a video of the event on youtube ...


Anonymous said...

very grovin... any idea where can get this ?

Leo Nut said...

I want the one the beach ball hunks are wearing!! So sexy!
Need to go firm up my ass to wear them sexy... haha

thompsonboy said...

not sure abt plastering my arse with such huge logo

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Simon!

This is the link that tells the average penile length of each country.

Hope it makes an interesting post of yours!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, both of them are not GAY...!!!!

They will be by the time I get through with them. hehehe - Ian

Anonymous said...

wow.....nice bubble butt

simonlover said...

@Ian: Yeah! How nice if someone can create a potion where we can turn straight guys into gays!!! -- Actually, I think these people have an inner bisexual feeling where they enjoy being sucked by guys..But not the sex....Perhaps, my imagination...Hahaha

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