Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eating "Tofu" at Far-Far-Away-Galaxy ....

Part 2 of Far-Far-Away-Galaxy ...

" A long time ago, in a galaxy far-far-away ..... 
It's a period of sexual war.
Rebel TWUNKSs, striking from a hidden base,
Have won their first victory against the evil PLUBOY Empire!

During the battle, Twunky spies managed to steal, 
secrets photos of PLUBOY Empire's ultimate weapon, the "PLU-PENIS"...
an armored space STALLION with enough "horse power" to destroy an entire planet-hole!

Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Prince Simon races home aboard his "stag-ship",
custodian of the stolen plans of the evil PLUBOY, 
which is to capture "Prince Horny BF" and turn him into his sexual slave, 
that can save his "people" and restore freedom to the galaxy.....
In order to win this battle, 
Prince Simon in his "stag-ship", flew to this Far-Far-Away-Galaxy,
Seearching for the people that is destined to be "The One" help save the Galaxy...

Hidden in this Far-Far-Away-Galaxy, 
are the Rebel Twunks that will help Prince Simon  to save his Prince Horny BF!!!....

Twunk Rebel Number #1 : The TOFU Killer!

[ p/s: This rebel trunk managed to steal our glances while sashaying at the evening market ]

But lo and behold, we never expected to see him again at the morning market....selling none other than, "TOFU"!

Hahahaha...Imagine the happiness in Horny BF's eyes when we bumped into him again....Because the previous day, the twunk actually walked past Horny BF and Horny BF, politely smiled at him after snapping his photo, without expectating the Twunk to smile back!!! -- Small town, friendliness - kot?! 

And now, the Twunk is serving "TOFU" to us!
What better way to eat "TOFU", right?!

[ aka...In Cantonese...There's a slang called " Sek Tau Foo" -- Because Tofu is something which is "soft, smooth, supple and springy" and is best representated by some parts of our body, which..I'm sure doesn't need any wild guesses, right?!  --- so... "Sek Tau Foo" literally means as "Eat Tofu" aka " curi makan " aka "took advantage" ]

People say that if your mother drank too much of soy milk during pregnancy, the baby will come out smooth and fair!!! --- But, the baby [boy] might also be born with too much female hormone !!!! Is it true?
Cuz my mum drank lotsa soys as well!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk....Bedtime Story, BlueSoule, Aaronster? What say you?!

With a skin as smooth and elastic as TOFU, it's the "TOFU KILLER"s best weapon in dealing with an army PLU-BOTs, where his body can easily escape from the clutches of PLU-BOTs [ an ode to Austin Power's Fem-Bots! ] or spring back to it's original shape after any form of "Penetrations" to it!


Armed with strong, sturdy, toned-arms and his faithful knife .... This Fishy Killer is not one to be messed around with!! Be prepared to see the skin and scales of the PLU-BOTS to be skilfully skinned and heads chopped alive without any hesitation!

Twunk Rebel #3: The VEGE KILLER!

With the same of ability of X-Men's "Mystique" -- This "VEGE Killer" has the power of morphing into any form of object which is green in colour!!! It's definitely a clever tactic to defeat the enemies, right?!! Do you ever see the soldiers busy killing the plants grown at the side? -- The VEGE KILLER can easily slip into the base of the enemy and inflict much damage to it!!!!

But then......Even with the help of these faithfull Twunk Killers....One worry that still lingers in the mind of Prince Simon ......Will he ever be able to save his Prince Horny BF? especially with the evil PLU-Empire controlled by PLU-VADER ...... ?

.................Sigh, The Saga continues..............


savante said...

Muahahahah :) Yeah soya is reputed to contain lotsa phyto-oestrogens! Not sure if that leads to gay boys though! Someone go do a study!

simonlover said...

Hahaha ... I dunno is it because my mum used to drink lotsa soya while she's pregnant with me...! Hahaha...Now, someone should a research on that! ... Unfortunately, they need to wait for at least 12-13years later for them to really decide whether soya affects the sexuality! Tsk, tsk, tsk...