Saturday, June 16, 2012

Malaysian Singer, Andrew Tan's Photo Book - Twin Star!

[ OMG! I did not blog for 18 days!!!! What is going on in my life?!!!! ] 

Malaysian Singer, Andrew Tan Say Aun, recently released his Photo Book, aptly titled "Twin Star" . My last post on him was way, way, way back in May 2010 [ ]

Name: Andrew Tan Say Aun 陳勢安
DOB: 4 June 1986 ( Gemini )
Stats: 178cm, 60kg
Claim to fame: 2006 Astro Talent Quest Runner-Up

陈势安双子星 } 

Andrew Tan is the third major Chinese celebrity to release a semi-nude photobook,, following Taiwanese Mike He's賀軍翔) "Le Retour Du Sud De La France" in September 2011 and Taiwanese Chris Wang 王宥勝 ). in October 2011.

Mike He Jun Xiang

 Chris Wang

Andrew Tan busy signing autographs on his upcoming Photo Book! 

Andrew Tan in one of his promotional events!

Smooth abs!!!

He has a talent in striptease, ain't he?! 

Andrew Tan has indeed came a long, long, way since his debut in 2006 as a cute 20 year old, Make-Up Consultant, Penang Boy, where he won 2nd Place in Astro's Talent Quest! 

Andrew Tan in 2008 ( 22 years old )

Andrew Tan, 2010 ... For Terimee's Weight Gain Adverts! 

Andrew Tan 2012 .. Camwhoring! 

Andrew Tan's rigorous gym sessions! 

Andrew Tan, 陈势安 2011 .... Who wants to have this kinda body?! 

Andrew Tan, in a Taiwan Variety Show 2011 ....

After years in limbo, Andrew Tan finally shot to fame with the release of his single. 天后 ( Tian Hou or 'Queen' ) from his "Stardom" album, in September 2009, which eventually topped Taiwan's KTV Chart for a staggering 67 weeks!!!!!


Without further a do, I shall start presenting snippets of Andrew Tan's "Twin Star" photo book instead!

陈势安 双子星 } 

[ Please double click the pictures below because all of them are in HQ resolution!!! Hence, you can see Andrew Tan's pubic hair and butt's tanline clearly!!!! Tsk,tsk,tsk! ]

[ Shucks! I doubt we can get it in Malaysia! So much nudity!!! It is selling at RM49.90 in Taiwan!!! -- I wonder who can help me get the book?!! ] 


And, the best part of them all ....
Andrew Tan's Firm Back and Bum! 

男歌手陈势安大胆脱衣 全裸拍写真(组图)

Do you guys think Andrew is "One Of Us"? Because I've seen him in person before ... The way he talk and sashays ... very, very, very mild-mannered indeed! and mind you, he's an expert in Make-Up ya'know, since he worked as a Make-Up consultant since he's 18 years old! 

Andrew Tan .. Gesturing to all of us ..
"Do you guys LOVE my BUTT "
" If you do, please buy my photobook now at "


Ms. F said...

Oh my!! He is sexy!!
Much sexier than the other 2 IMHO~

William said...

Some news about him not settling his cosmetic surgery bills?

Ex's friend said...

as a matter of fact, he's a bottom. Though he's been rather discreet about his sexuality ever since he's won the competition. I guess the risk of his career prospect must be hard on him.

Anonymous said...

He is definately one of us. ;p

simonlover said...

@Ex's Friend: Well, we do sympathize with celebrities who are supposedly gay bt they can't really enjoy the life of being one of us openly ... But bear in mind, the are many Handsome closeted gay celebrities / singers / models/ actors/ photographers where he can actually have sex with, discreetly without any fear!! Who knows, he might have slept with Hins Cheung before!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Yeap, he is gay. He approached me once few years back. But i turned him down for god knows what reasons. >.<!

GayBoy90 said...

if he's really gay, hope someday can hv fun or hook up with him, huhu.. XD

Anonymous said...

it's available in Kinokuniya, KLCC. just saw it last week, 24 Jan 2013.

link within

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