Friday, June 22, 2012

Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2012!

Yeap! That's right, guys! It's the season for Singapore's Mr.Manhunt 2012 contest!!! -- Oh my! I've been covering the pageant since 2009 and this is the 4th year I'm doin' it!!!

-- Sigh, it's my BLOG getting OLDER or I'm the one instead?!!!! --- Yeah, I know ... The effort of maintaining my supple tan butt is getting harder day by day ... Have to apply lotsa MooGoo Cream where they claim the cow's milk protein is almost similar with human's DNA. Hence, we absorb the protein better and our skin will feel more soft and supple!!!! [ Oops! Exposing my secret .. ! ]

Anyway, here are this year's, Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2012 Top 20 Finalists ... Honestly speaking, I think most of you guys will have a Heart Attack or it's either VOMIT BLOOD through MOUTH ( Fugly ) or NOSE ( Sexay! )even while scrolling down the pictures!!!! -- I shall not say no more, okay?!

Contestant #2: Siddiq

Contestant #3: Ozzy

Contestant #5: Jack 

Contestant #6: Emy Casanova

Contestant #7: Leon Tan

Contestant #9: Wilson 

Contestant #11: Tian Wei 

Contestant #13: Huang Yong

Contestant #15: Nelson

Contestant 16: Gary

Contestant: 17: Jay Tee

Contestant 19: Rauhan 

Of the lot, these are my TOP 8 PICKS! 

Contestant #1: Alex Li Bin

Contestant #2: Daryll  

Contestant #8: Jason Chee
( It will be the biggest rip-off of the year if he doesn't win the title!!!)
-- Sigh, if just he's one of us! --

Contestant #10: Jonah Goh

Contestant #12: Faiz

Contestant #14: Hao Ren

Contestant #18: Wilson

Contestant 20: Kelvin

( He doesn't look good with his clothes off, but then again, please wait for my feature on him when he's fully clothed .. Definitely will knock you guys down! )


thompsonboy said...


Anonymous said...

Posing by a plant is so 70's

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jason Chee has already a portfolio in Thailand
He has been getting attention with other asian countries too including Malaysia, Philippines, HK and Taiwan
You sure he's qualified to join Manhunt? I think it's ok as long as he has no contract existing upon joining the competition

BTW, there are rumors that he is straight but can be paid... you know :D

Bravebear said...

#3 Ozzy looks very good wor... how come not in ur top 8 de?

William said...

Most like not very toned hor... Jack's body looks nice...

Happy Sweet Asian said...

My pick is Jason, Alex, Jonah and Faiz. The rest....

Anonymous said...

you seemed to put the same guy for #6 Emy Casanova and #16 Gary

Anonymous said...

Alex and Daryll..Wow..So Wow...

Anonymous said...

Ewww!! Sg guys are ugly justsaying!

simonlover said...

@Anonymous...I think if I'm get paid, I wouldn't mind being XXXX!!!! Seriously! =)

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