Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mr.Singapore Southeast Asia 2011 - Yuse Ding Yuze

Ding Yuze won the Mr.Singapore Tourism South East Asia award in July 2011 and there's no looking back for this cutie! 

新加坡Calendar Guy,阳光健康的大男孩- 男模贴图

High School: Woodgrove Secondary
Grad School: Ngee Ann Polytechnic 2008

Singapore Calendar Hunk December 2011!

Ding Yuze is unfortunately, Straight ... And yet he loves tanning!  Singaporean boys... How come straight Malaysian boys doesn't like to tan - eh?!! 

Ding Yuze does Modelling in the nude too! 
Hence, GOOD NEWS for the gay photographers!!! 

Ding Yuze's latest cropped army hairstyle 2012 .. 
Well, he's still in National Service ya'know...So young!

Ding Yuze is indeed the leader of the pack! 


Anonymous said...

his bulges are so big!!

Anonymous said...

yes, he's definitely a 'big' boy!

BornToLove said...

is he one of us?

link within

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