Saturday, September 15, 2012

Malaysian Education Ministry releases Gay Guidelines To Identify Whether Your Children Is Gay ...

I'm sure many of my fellow bloggers have already blogged about this issue. Well, I don't mind adding my interpretation of this silly guidelines that will definitely trigger awareness among OUR PARENTS .. especially with this issue incessantly splashed all over our national papers in the last few days.

Instead of focusing on improving Malaysia's Education system and raising the standards of it, the Deputy Minister and officials in the Education Ministry decided to focus and target on teaching parents how to identify  whether their sons and daughters are gays/lesbians or not?!

 University Malaya ranked #156 Top Universities in the world? [ FYI, Hong Kong University #25, National University of Singapore #25, University of Tokyo #26 ] -- Yeah...Malaysia's University is among the Top 200 universities in the world -- The Headlines which were splashed on the front cover of major Malaysian dailies...and yet, the officials were so proud of it!

Please read the full article here:

Guys who wear V-Necks, Sleeveless, Tight-Fitting & Light Coloured Clothes!

Oh My God! Hansen Lee is Gay!!!!!!!  

OMG! - Xavier Hu is GAY!

OMG! Calvin Hee is GAY!!!
Fable Frog's fantasy has finally realized!!!!

OMG! Padini Clothings are for GAYS!!!!!!!!!!  
-- They should de-list Padini Holdings from the share market since they will going to go Bankrupt soon because their clothings are considered devilish! and guys should stopped wearing PDI / SEED clothes! 

OMG! Alex Choong is GAY! 

OMG!! Jason Chee is GAY!!!

OMG! Jordan Yeaoh is GAY!!!!

OMG! Mr.Singapore 2009 Nelson Ng is GAY!!!!

OMG!! These four studs are GAY!

No more Pink Coloured Shirts for you, Son ..! Cause people might think you're gay!!!
[ Puhlezz Mom...I've seen straight guys who are more obsessed about pink colours than I do!!! -- I'm sure many of you know at least one straight person who likes pink, right?! ]

 Guys who like to carry big bags! 

No more big bags for you, Danny Lim!

Yer...Daddy, Daddy...That DJ carries a big bag....Is he Gay - bor?!!

Attracted To Men

Chris Wang being kissed!


Ten Chunk said...

Such a freakin' juvenile & ridiculous guidelines!

Ten Chunk said...

but I think Jason Chee is gay.

simonlover said...

But he has a girlfriend .... Bi perhaps?

William said...

Perhaps some gay people with dysfunctional gaydar can benefit from this 'guideline'. :DDD

Simon T. said...

this is not a guideline..... period.

Anonymous said...

I am suspecting Jason Chee as a bi too. And Hansen Lee? I will be damn surprised if he is not gay.

Anonymous said...

m'sia is goin BACKWARDS!!!! AS USUAL!!! SHEESH

Anonymous said...

It's said that it requires a gay to know one, so it tells all about the ministry/minister.

Btw, we should welcome all those guys above if they say so. The more, the better. ;)

Anonymous said...


GayBoy90 said...

guidelines bodoh.. ;p

Amir The Warlord said...

I think those ministers should go back to the school again! Stupid guidelines...

CakapJerr said...

so stupid of them calling it a symptom
are gays some kinda disease