Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Men Spa - Saigon, Vietnam

Fancy a Male-To-Male Massage by Vietnamese Boys in Saigon, Vietnam?

Well, you can try this place, by the name of " The Men Spa", which is located quite nearby my hotel.


59/10A, Pham Viet Chanh St, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Saigon, Vietnam ( You can search it at Google Map )

It's kinda tricky to find the place though, Because it's located at the inner alley from the main road. Once we enter the alley, there is a left & right turn....

Coincidentally, that alley happens to be a small neighbourhood garden and imagine how embarrassed we were, when two old grandmothers passing by with their grandchildren in tow, looking at the four, blur young guys, thinking whether to turn left or right .....

And without any further delay, those grannies spoke to us in Vietnamese language, and pointed to us where we should walk instead...without us even opening our mouth for direction! -- Guess they know that every group of men that passed by the alley, are obviously heading to the Men Spa, instead of visitors to those grannies themselves....

According to Utopia website,
"Beautifully decorated, with classical, masculine architectural elements and a fully equipped environment dedicated entirely to the service and grooming needs of its male patrons."

"Gay-owned and one of the top men's spas in the city".

Fancy a Gay Massage by sexy Gay Vietnamese Boys?

This is how "The Men Spa" looks like at the entrance...
( I wonder those grannies know what are gay men or not? Or do they ever thought of how gay men have sex - bor? ..Tsk, tsk, tsk ... }

And this is the super-cute, dimpled receptionist boy that served us ...
( You can see him in the youtube video attached below.. Though he looked kinda plump back then... )

This is the Price List for their services. Bear in mind, the exchange rate is:

RM1 = 7000 VND ( Vietnamese Dong )
RM 3.15 = USD 1

All in all, this place emphasizes purely on massage. No hanky panky is allowed because each bed is separated by curtains only. Nevertheless, the boys are definitely CUTE enough for you to enjoy!!! Of course you are free to molest the masseurs if you want to. Their massage skills are also one of the better ones we ever had in Vietnam & Bangkok ( Bangkok, most of them want SEX and TIPS only... ) ... Perhaps they focus solely on massages since they can't do anything with you .... This is the place to go if you are into twink, twunk and suave manly masseurs.


Anonymous said...

hiya the second lot of photos seem to be from zspa in hanoi

Ms. F said...

r u in the pic? =P
sounds great enough to visit!

Anonymous said...

That's quite a risque set of photos for a business that's not offering hanky panky. Are the photos from somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

What happen if somehow you've got turned on during the session?

Awkward stare from the masseur? Or perhaps a phone no? lol

Anonymous said...

Wat do u mean free 2 molest the masseurs?? Can touch2 ah?

Anonymous said...

0164072852 (whatsapp,wechat,line)