Sunday, August 26, 2012

Past Singapore Calendar Hunks!

Here are some wonderful pictures of previous Mr.Manhunt Singapore & Singapore Calendar Guys' Finalists throughout the years...


Ding Yuze, Mr.Singapore Calendar Hunk 2011 Winner

Jake Ng
 Mr.Manhunt Finalist 2008 
( Hahahaha -- There are two Malaysians in these photos.. If anyone of you can identify the correct one, I shall post one sexy pic of mine!! =P )

Jason Chee, Mr.Manhunt Finalist 2012

Jovin Koh. Mr.Manhunt 2010 Winner

Richmond Ang




Yu Xuan

Zac Tan



Yu Xuan

Ding Yuze & Brian

Ding Yuze, Gerald Yap ( Some people says he's homophobic. Is it true? )


Anyway, yesterday TV showed Sammi Cheng's movie,
My Left Eye Sees Ghost ( 我左眼見到鬼 )
It is one of my favourite Chinese movie.

Here are the Two Favourite songs from me & Horny BF! 

郑秀文  - 爱上一个人 ( Falling In Love With Someone )

鄭秀文 - 回來我身 ( Come Back To My Side )


William said...

That's an older photo of Jason Chee? Not so tai jek. Prefer him like that.

Simon T. said...

Like the size of Jake Ng.

Ms. F said...

Jake Ng is one of the Malaysians?

飞炎 said...

Zack tan is one of the malaysia:D

One Ordinary Boy said...


Anonymous said...

great bodies on these guys would look good nude

Ten Chunk said...

I still need feature some of them, lol.

Bocão flips said...

Caracoles! Singapore boys are very attractive and delicious. Brazil welcomes postings of photos.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nick is always sun tanning at Tampines Safra on Saturday morning

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