Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hottest Hunk In Malaysia 2012/2013 1st Runner Up - Jeff Wong

One of the big winner in New Icon For Him's "The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012/2013 " , ( 马来西亚最具话题性与最受欢迎的《THE HOTTEST HUNKS IN MALAYSIA》猛男秀比赛  ) Contestant Number 16, Jeff Wong:

Besides winning the 1st Runner Up title, Jeff Wong also won 5 subsidiary titles! :
a) The Best Body Physique Hunk - Nutralife & Forslean
b) The Coolest Hunk - Savanna
c) The Most Gorgeous Man - Gorgeous Fitness
d) The Most Charismatic Hunk - Kinohimitsu
f) The Most Stylish Hunk - Redken

Unfortunately, he lost the title to Daniel Tan, even though the crowd were solidly behind him ...

Name: Jeff Wong Leong Jeff ( 黄良杰 )
DOB: 29 October 1988 ( 24 years old )
Stats: 175cm, 69kg, 37"-27"-35"
Hobby: Swimming
Profession: Freelancer 

Picture by TianChad, Sky Arts Photography 

As a cute 20 year old kid back in 2008...

Winning "Yeah!" Magazine Teen Idol 2009 --

This is how Jeff Wong looks like in 2012!

What are you guys looking at? Never seen a handsome guy before?! 


GayBoy90 said...

he's so fucking hunk!! ;)

William said...

Wonder what he freelances

Anonymous said...

he's a bit short

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

so gay

Anonymous said...

he lost is because betrayed by his best buddy Daniel Tan, therefore, your best friend is always your biggest enemy.

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