Friday, November 23, 2012

Laundry Service, Anyone?

I'm sure all of us does laundry at least once in our lifetime .... I have a habit of hand washing most of my clothes. Hence, most of my underwears are still in tip toe condition even though it's been a few years old... Some of my T-Shirts are even more than 5 years old, and yet I'm still wearing it! Hahaha ...Call me stingy, eh?

At the moment, I always do my laundry after shower. After that, I will put my clothes onto the washing machine to spin dry it before hanging it up. My laundry room has a big window covered with blinds... I don't know why, but each time when I hang and dry my clothes, somehow there's always someone coming in or out in my neighbours home! -- I had no choice but to squat down immediately and wait for the coast is clear, before continuing my chore .... Hahahaha .. Why do I always panic ? Well, you guys need to think a bit and the clue is already given in one of the sentences above!

Be sexy always, guys! Muacks from Simon!

Real Mean does Laundry, okay?! 

I'm sure all of us look as sexy as the guy above when we do our laundry ya! 

Yeah, baby! -- Take off the jeans and put in the washing machine! 

Time to get off the dirty underwear, dude! 

 Yikes, I'm caught of camera!

" Hey babe, do you need any Laundry Service? "

This boy is very cute indeed! 


JokerPJ said...

washing machine... vibrates... grind on top... omg...

William said...

Yes, I've been hand-washing my undies all these years as well. Well worth the effort.

Teen Avenger said...

yes its always good to wash your clothes in the nude

Anonymous said...

There are many pics on the net of hunky guy in showers wearing soaking wet T-shirts and undies. Maybe you should try washing your clothes that way. - Ian

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Takashi said...

cos u hang laundry naked!!!

Anonymous said...

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