Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Of Crabs & Siew Pau @ Seremban

Last week I had a course in Negeri Sembilan. That explains why I was away for nearly a week. Since the venue of my course is located in a small, deserted-like town, me & my straight friends decided to go for an excursion to Seremban for dinner, instead of eating the food provided by our hotel.

And so, off we went to Seremban, searching for anything that Seremban can offer to fill our hungry tummies. The first stop was of course, Seremban's most famous produce the Seremban Siew Pau ( baked crispy bun with char-siew pork fillings ). One of the gals have never even eaten the "original" Siew Pau from Seremban before. So we had to bring her to try her arguably, "once-in-a-lifetime" experience lor. The nearest and the most convenient branch to go for, is located along the North-South Highway, the towering - "The Empayar Seremban Siew Pau" Restaurant. ( for the location, plz click here ).


Yummy Siew Pau(s)!!!! - The most important thing about a good siew pau is that the pastry must be flaky and at the same time, the meat fillings must be moist and juicy.

I have never really explored Seremban before, that's why, I'm not really familiar with the roads over there. Back in my student days, i have always hated "Seremban" because The Express Bus to Singapore would often took a detour into Seremban town to pick up a few extra passengers, thus delaying my trip for another 40 mins! -- However, over the years, this is actually my 3rd trip to Seremban. The 1st time was actually a short one, where i drop by the Kampung Rasah branch, just to "ta pau" the Siew Pau. The 2nd time was on my way to Melaka, me & the Horny BF purposely drop by Seremban for some food hunt -- And well, just our luck, it so happened that both of Seremban's most famous Beef Noodles and Hakka Mee Stall were closed on that day! -- In the end? -- We just "Ta Pau" Siew Pau again lor before leaving for Melaka.

Now back to my story, on that fateful day, I rang up my sexy Seremban PLU friend for any good recommendations in Seremban & also due to the persistent nagging from the Horny BF (who's not with me) to try another of Seremban's specialty -- Grilled Crabs.

Restoran Sin Yit Sing ( 新日昇餐馆 ), Address: 103, Tmn A.S.T, Jln Labu Lama, 70200 Seremban, NS.

-- Coming from the KL-Seremban direction -- Exit through the first Seremban Exit which is -- Seremban, Labu Exit - After the Toll, turn left, drive slowly & you'll pass thru 2 traffic lights. Just before the 3rd Traffic Light ( about 5 mins fr the Toll ), which is a major crossroad, turn to your left -- Juz about 1 minute drive, u'll see a small traffic light and that's where u'll need to turn to your right. The road is a lil' bit uphill and immediately turn to your right again to the small lane with a row of shophouses -- The restaurant is situated near the end of the shophouses ).

The restaurant was also featured in Ah Xian's show "A Taste With Jason" and you can read his mandarin blog over here.
Because there were only 5 of us, we just ordered Fish Head Noodle Soup and 1.5 kg Grilled Crabs in Marmite Sauce ( 1 kg = RM 42 )

Picture is courtesy from axian's blog. Well, the crabs ain't that big though. But, for 1.5 kg, we were given 4 medium sized crabs.

Their version of the Fish Head Noodles is served in the usual milky soup base, but tasted very peppery. Though i like peppers, but in the end, i think this was the dish that made me felt very thirsty thruout the entire night. However, it's still nice though. 

Total Damage : RM 85 for 5 person ( 1.5kg of Crabs, 3 person serving of Noodle )

( Talking about the Crabs, now only i realize that we forgot to inform The Lady Boss that we did not eat the pre-packed peanuts nor used the hand-towel served to us !! We thought of saving money ma  - You see! That's the consequences of being too stingy. In the end, we were still charged because of our forgetfulness! - Aiseh! )

All in all, everyone was actually quite satisfied with the food hunt and we went back to our hotel just in the nick of time before the night class resumed ....

Muacks from Simon Lover. And also Muacks To The Fable Prince Frog for just being a cute and helpful Seremban guy ( though he's not the sexy Seremban PLU friend i've mentioned earlier...tsk tsk tsk... )

** And this coming from Horny BF himself (wink wink) - Why I felt neglected and left out in the thanking department eh? Hmm ... **


William said...

Amazing! No pictures of half-naked leng zais this time!

Takashi said...


yalor.. food is not gay okay, so tone down!!!

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you have a rather eventful trip. Must be missing the Horny BF ler????

Evann said...

Come to think of it, I don't think I've tried the siew pau from seremban itself before. Haha!

Hide and Seek said...

Woah, first time in a long while there's no sexy pic! :D

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

My dear Simon,
Please check this out soonest.http://justmeshakira.blogspot.com/2009/11/blogging-awards.

simonlover said...

William & Hide&Seek: Yalor. So, got any rewards for me or not?

Takashi: Well,at least i'm nt the one born in the year of PIG PIG? -- Hehe..Bt i know one sexy PIGGIE over here lar!

SHakira: Haha. FYI. I dun live with the Horny BF either. We are separated abt 150km away.. =)

Evann: It's ok. Hehe..Can;t wait to come back M'sia for the FOOD leh?!!

Shakira: Thanks for the award! - Best Blogger Buddie? Aiyo. I'm so blushed. Thanks alot again ya!

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Mine, leaving me a message on my blog ah???? lol

Jaded Jeremy said...

I don't like siew pau but I love Seremban Beef Noodle, both at the established store at the main market or the new (more expensive) restaurant at Kemayan.

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