Monday, November 23, 2009

Boys Boys Boys! - We Love Them!

Finally back from a one-week hiatus without an internet too! - So, just a simple post today yet again as i'm still in the Monday Blues level..

BOYS BOYS BOYS! -- Lady Gaga

Hope You guys enjoyed the song ya!  A very carefree song that always help to uplift my mood especially when i'm driving!!

Check the chorus part ya!

Boys, Boys, Boys, We like boys in cars,
Boys, Boys, Boys, Buy us drinks in bar,
Boys, Boys, Boys, With Hairspray and denim,
And Boys, Boys, Boys, We Love Them, We Love Them!

Yes! Who doesn't Love BOYS!  -- Muacks fr Simon!




William said...

Cute! Ever hear of J. Law and Kirio?

Horny BF said...

I like em boys... yumz. So, when can I have my next dose of boys-lurve, eh? :)

nicky05 said...

so delicious.....hehe...XD

Just B3cks said...

yummy... it makes my banana have some erection already lol

Anonymous said...

Especially BAD boys. Good boys go to heaven, bad boys have FUN. - Ian

simonlover said...

Ian: Hahaha....How about those in the middle?! Wink WInk!

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