Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Quiet Saturday Night

As some of u might know, i have a long-distance relationship with the Horny BF for 3.5years / out of 7.5 yrs ady. So, most of my Saturdays are spent quietly alone in my rented room. Working and living in a small, peaceful town far far away from the world forced me to entertain myself with all the things i have. Talking and thinking to myself seems to be a normal thing to do for me. So, sometimes i can get a lil' depressed or in a sombre mood during the weekend especially on Sundays where the whole area is kinda like, well, deserted to the extent of nearly becoming a haunted ghost-town?

I have always been trained to live & talked alone. I only have an elder brother, where once he left home to further his studies, i'm left all alone in our shared room since 1999. Furthermore, being "Different" during the teenage years made me more isolated with the straight world. There was no internet, no video player ( ahem ahem ) and absolutely ZERO gay-friend ( unlike teenagers nowadays! They are very lucky that the society has changed tremendously over the years. So many flamboyant Divas by their side and some even lose their virginities at a very young age! ), untill the Horny BF came into my world ( He was the second gay person i've ever knew in person lor -- Hehehe...Shud i spill the beans of who is the first gay-contact i ever had? Hehehehe ) .

Discretion was synonymous with Simon Lover. That's why i'm well trained to live alone because i was foreseeing my future to live & die alone because no one would ever like Simon Lover especially of his notorious TEMPER and "HEART OF STEEL" ( that's before the Horny BF came into play lar ). I can shopped alone, watched a movie alone, have my meals alone, "ta-fei-kei@jerked alone, studied alone, sleep alone, bathed alone, apply face-cream alone or even do my work assignments alone without much complaints.

Hahaha..Oh Well...I think i should stop my mumblings before people will mistaken me as a grumpy old-stud with a severe major depression that Prozac couldn't even cure me!!

Here's one of my favorite Madonna songs that i would like to share and one of her most elegant image ever too... I drive quite often during the night. So, this song is best listened to during the dark, quaint moment where soothing romantic songs performed best.

MUACKS FROM SIMON and Have A Nice Weekend!

Madonna - Take A Bow

p/s: To the Horny BF....Thanks for the memories ya! Love ya lots!
p/s too: The song is not related to what was written in my post. Just coincidentally that we both love the song nia....!


William said...

TFK sure is alone one la!
I like that song too.

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

OMG...SO SWEET! I love the song too.
Simon are you very lonely? Well, you know that my hubby is in Seoul.
It is really tough but he gave me a "V". lol

Take care of yourself sweetheart.


ps come over to my blogs and comments if you are bored. See you there?

Paul J said...

oh....same with me lor...learn to live alone...but talk alone?? u ok bo?? ehh..i like ths song also! the guy in the MV damn hot horr...3.5/7.5 is LTR...i salute both of kidding!

Bravebear said...

i go movies alone too... until... kekeke...

Anonymous said...

I lived in many small country towns when I was a boy. Believe me, talking to yourself is sometimes the only way to have an intelligent conversation. So I read a lot. - Ian

Hide and Seek said...

You are really writing what I am now. Everything alone, and then I start to try to break away from being alone. I'll try hard...

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Please reply to comments can ah?
I do not want to feel like I said something to offend you lah.

simonlover said...

@William: Haha..Well, u can get some1 to help u also ma =P

@Shakira: Haha. Sori 4d late reply. Well, @least ur kids are still with u. =). He gave u a "V"?

@Paul: I pray u'll find some1 too =). Hugs.

@Bravebear: Until pikey came ard? Haha...Am i correct bor?!

@Ian: Hahaha. Honestly Ian, u still remain a sexy mystery for me to discover. Mind a lil' intro of urself? Hahaha... I won't eat you ler. The most i'll lick u only. Hahaha...Muacks!

Hide & Seek: U'll try

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

"V" as in vibrator? lol

SZ said...

nothing wrong with live alone ;) u oso know how sometimes i live my own life alone :)

Anonymous said...

I grew up as a lonely child too, even though I have a sister. She's a royal pain in my butt back then. I talk to myself pretty often... through writing, that is.

I was very, very lonely until I met my husband in college... lol...

the happy go lucky one said...

at least u still got a horny bf tat can talk to u once awhile lah, i dun have a bf to begin with :P
but i guess its alrite.
though im staying in big city, supposingly gay-abundant city, i dont get to know many gay friends. but lucky me, i still have few close friends who i msn regularly :)

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