Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Pictures....& Arguments....

Hahaha...With that kinda of title, i guess you guys can expect some whinings from Simon. Hahaha..which i will keep it short though.

Arguments is a common thing in every relationship. No matter how big or small, arguments usually end up either in a good way or a bad way. Sometimes, too much argument will somehow make one too tired of the relationship. The relationship for the year 2010 started in a rocky way. Throughout the entire month of January, arguing seems to be the favorite pastime, as it persisted nearly everyday either on the phone, face2face, msn due to either side's fault. And you wouldn't want to see two stubborn and hot-tempered guys getting into a fight. Trust me, there will be bruises everywhere. They always know, that most of their arguments will always ended up in harmony. But, that doesn't mean they shud take things for granted. It is just like seeing our parents having a big fight. Most of the time, you don't see them getting a divorce right.

And so, nothing much to say for today. I'll be leaving to Penang this weekend for a short getaway. If there's any luck, you guys might catch me eating my favorite chee cheong fun in Kimberley Street on Saturday Nite or in Sin Seow Fong Lye, Lorong McCallister, on Sunday Morning. ( tentatively lar )

Hahahahaha....It's weird to see Simon indulging in an uncle & aunty activity hor -- But eating street food is one of our favorite activities with the Horny One ...Hehehe...We are not that flamboyant ma. Nowadays, clubbing feels like a strenous activity especially to our backbones. Hahaha. Cafe? Momo? G-Word? Leo Fitness? I'Yang Massage? - I wonder whether they still exists in Penang.

Hotel wise..We are staying in a budget hotel once again. Hahahahaha. But dun worry, i'll seek my revenge the nextm, as i have a special rate to the funky G-Hotel, courtesy from my friend. - It's just that most of the Penang hotels are fully booked this weekend due to Thaipusam, as well as the Federal Territories Day in KL.

Taiwan's Super BoyBand FAHRENHEIT !!!

You tell me which gays dun like them?!!!

Wu Chun! The epitome of Male Beauty. His face is so damn fucking smooth!  He got me transfixed in front of my TV when Hana Kimi was shown. The invincible aura of Wu Chun is definitely too hot to handle!!!
  Jiro Wang. I like his well-toned body, dressing-sense and of course, he's comedic antics. So cute!!
The lesser knowns. Aaron And Calvin. And there are alot of speculation that Aaron might be gay either. Just look at his blog! So feminish!!! 

And Here Comes The RAIN again. 
Falling on my head like a memory,
Falling on my head like a new emotion,
I want to walk in the open wind,
I want to talk like LOVERS do,
I want to dive into your ocean,
Is it RAINING with you..
( Hahaha..One of my fav song....)

Korea's RAIN 
 The epitome of pointy nipples! Hahaha.

 I particularly like this photo. Evrything is so tight-fitting. I don't know when i can wear my Polo Tee that tight. Hahahaha

Rain's own Fashion Label - Six To Five
Rain -- In A Pool @ US. Nice body isn't it?!!
 Come and Undressed "ME" --- Any takers?!!!! -- Hehe.....

Rain has a talent in eating Banana oozing with sexiness, doesn;t he? His mouth "fits" very well indeed. 

Till then, hope you guys enjoy your weekend and try to argue less with your loved ones y. Hope you guys have a lot of sucking as well!!! Muacks Fr Simon!


Bravebear said...

Dying for rains body lor... gosh... too hot!!! And Wu Chun... So lengzai!!! Ahhhhhhhhh~

Koala Express said...

sometimes, arguements makes the love sweeter, if the 2 knows how to reconcile. the guy, as usual, shud take the 1st step. if she gives in, ur the man. :P

William said...

Chong tau ta kau, chong mei woh mah... then have passionate makeup sex. :)

I LOVE Jiro's body!!! Wu Chun is like a barbie doll. So plastic.

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

I have always like Rain.
Alexys is in Korea now.
Fat chance she is going to meet him ,right?lol
You have a great weekend,Simon!

the happy go lucky one said...

oh thats nice, i love penang food, but only get to go there in june (hopefully can jadi the trip lah) kekeeee...
somehow there r many raids in pg sauna, so better bcareful :P

Takashi said...

what about break-ups with no arguments?

Anonymous said...

Most arguments are over nothing at all -- two guys with an "I'm right, you're wrong" stubborness. Of course, sweet making up afterwards is nice but sometimes if he won't say sorry, giving his bare bum a good spanking until he does is also fun. - Ian

nicky05 said...

Wu Chun super hot!!!!!!!!......yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Rain...please rain on me.....hahahaha...*i feeling very hot right now...XD

Enjoy your holiday....XD

cleffairy said...

Rain! OMG.... I love Rain! *faints* Oozing with sex appeal, and look at the V-line! GOSH! So sexy!

aaronng88 said...

Aaron Yan's the best =) and i'm not saying that just cuz we got the same name >< HAHAHAH~ but he super cute..

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