Saturday, January 9, 2010

Top 20 Box Office Movies In Malaysia - 2009!

Moving away from the usual fare of sexy guys and explicit stories, i would like to share the Top 20 Box Office Takings in Malaysian Cinema's for 2009 ( source taken from Sinchew Daily & MSN Entertainment )

Ironically, or rather Sadly?, I have only watched 5 out of the Top 20 ( with the Horny BF of course ) in the list. Hahaha. Usually i would not go and watched a movie, no matter how popular or blockbuster it is, without looking at how many stars the critics gave in their review, . That explains why the pathetic number of 5 ( or rather my favorite number too since i'm a sexy GEMINI ) movies nia. Hahaha....

1. Transformers 2: The Revenge Of The Fallen

Ahhh...The sexy Megan Fox. Who wouldn't love her. However, i still prefer the 1st Movie.  Remember Shia LeBouf caught "masturbating" by his parents?! However, Green Day's 21 Guns is very nice though...!  =)


2. 2012. 

Hmm...Don;t really like the hype about it. Over-rated kot. That's why dudn't watch. Hahahaha....Didn't expect Simon Lover to be so "out of touch" with the masses hor.

3. Avatar

Though it was just released a few weeks back, but Avatar has been breaking records everywhere.

Everything seems so "blue" in this movie. Bt credits shud be given for the special effects! Titanic or Avatar? Hehehe...Though i know u hate it, William, but i will still go for the former as it brings back alot of memories in my younger days. Hahahaha

 4. Terminator : Salvation.

 Another bad review. That's why didn't go watch.

5. Fast And Furious 4

Hmmm...I wonder how come this movie is so popular among Malaysians? Maybe cuz we have alot of F1 fans & Mat Rempit as well? .....

6. Night At The Museum 2: Battle Of The Smithsonian.

Don't really like Ben Stiller except in There's Something About Mary & Meet The Parents nia....

7. G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

I love the cartoon back when i was a kid!...Coobrrrraaaaa!!!!

8. Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

One of my colleague look like the sloth. Really! Especially when he laughs. So, basically i'm still the most lengchai in my workplace. Hahahahaha

9. Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

I kinda like fantasies. Maybe because i like to "fantasize" too much...Hmmm..Duno it's a good thing or a bad thing. Cheers to all the Harry Pothead fans!

10. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Once again, another one of my favourite cartoon that came alive on screen. But did not managed to watch it before they took it down.....

11. Underworld : The Rise Of The Lycans

I didn't knew that Underworld was such a captivating movie eventhough the storyline kinda so-so, when i watched the 1st Underworld in Bali hotel room. Thumbs up for Kate Beckinsdale?

12. Geng Pengembaraan Bermula

Hmmm...First time heard of it...Rave reviews it seems... Good for the Malay movie prospects....

13. The Final Destination

Honestly, i have never watched any of the Final Destination series. Malaysian loves scary movies dun they...

14. All's Well, End's Well 2009

A nonsensical yet enjoyable ( do not think too much when you watched this kinda "mou -lei-tau" movie k ) movie that lightens up your Chinese New Year! Louis Koooo!!!!

15. Dragonball : Evolution

The most disappointing movie i guess?!!! Where is the lengchai and hamsap Son-Goku?!!

16. Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak

Trust me, Malay people love ghost & horror movies that any other genre! Lovely Maya Karin as well....

17. Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 :

I was forced to watch it because my particular town doesn't show Sherlock Holmes ma and i was accompanying my visiting friend. Though the 1st half was abit too cartoonish, but everthing is forgiven when the Chippettes performed Beyonce's "Single Ladies"! Who would like the Chipmunks?!!! Hahahaaha

18. Where Got Ghost?!

The grandfather of Singaporean comedy. Well, the movie managed to entertain the elder folks of Malaysian chinese. One of the rare moments where my parents go and watch it in the cinemas too.

19. Bedtime Stories

A surprise indeed. Adam Sandler's movie in the Top 20. I was basically puzzled wat movie is it when i saw the name in the list...Hmmm..Outdated Simon Lover?!

20. Up!

Ah...Now, this is one of my favorite movie of the year. The only movie that made me cried in cinemas! Really! The scene where his wife passed away was to much for me to bear. Watching it with the Horny BF as well and thinking that either one of us might leave us sooner or later was too heartwreanching for me to not to cry...Lovely indeed!


Takashi said...

actually 2012 was quite bad if u asked me.. wasted HKD90 in IFC2 ... haihz..

Takashi said...

Oh yea, Xmen was also bad...

William said...

I've only watched 4 and 18... 18 was crap!

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

WOW!Simon, you got great taste in movies like....ME! LOL
Great choices although I have more.
I love watching movies especially now that I am


Darren said...

ahh wonderful movies we had in 09. i watched most of it. Would love to watch ' All well ends well'. Louis Koo movies are a pleasure to watch. Loved his performance in 'Overheard'.

pikey said...

Hhhmmm.... i would say 2012 and Avatar are better than Transformer... and UP could have been in a higher position too.

nicky05 said...

1.watched.....the best....hehehe..XD
2.haven't...may be download lol
3.haven't ..may be download lol
4.watched....lousy film...XD
5.haven't.....didn't to watch...XD
7.watched....i got G.I. Joe Mighty Muggs (storm shadow)...hehehe.
8.haven't...planning to download..XD
10.haven't ....XD
11.watched ....hehehehe...XD
12.haven't .....hehehe..XD
13.watched..... FD 1 and FD 2 more bloody scenes lol..XD
14.havent...but always the first All's Well, Ends Well is the best...XD
15.& 16....haven't ...
17.watched ...heheh..XD

SZ said...

wah ive watched most of them!hahah..Jangan pandang belakang?? who watch tat kind of movie??gosh..n im nt interested wit Geng at all as well..the other 2 tat i dint watch are the Underworld and All's Well End's Well

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