Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beautiful Boys with their Beautiful Pets - Part 5!

I'm sure many of us are pet lovers ... 

Here are some excerpts  taken from this site that says "Why Pets (or rather dogs ) and gay men: a match made in heaven " 

"Many gay men feel a disconnect with their own families. Dogs/Pets live to connect, and the unconditional love a dog/pet offers when he raises a paw or rubs his nose in his new owner’s crotch may be the first true moment of ‘family’ a gay man experiences. 

A dog/pet can really make a person feel like he’s come home, especially if he’s bearing a bag of groceries or a smelly pepperoni pizza.”

When breeders, rescuers, or shelter-dog/pet adoption counselors see a potential dog/pet owner/adopter who is gay, they tend to jump for joy, figuring that dog/pet will enjoy a great, pampered life. Is there truth in this stereotype?  -- LOL

“Yes, gay men tend to spoil their dogs, treating them like true family and giving them high priority. For lots of gay men, dogs exist as substitutes for lovers, children, close family, and maybe even good friends.  

Unlike most of our lovers, dogs/pets truly enjoy being used and don’t panic when they decide that you’re devoting too much time to them.

Dogs/Pets believe in commitment and are defined by their loyalty. Secretly, most gay men want to be like dogs/Pets, even when they’re standing.”

Dogs/Pets are not judgemental — they will sleep with you any night you come home, even if they smell a raunchy Poodle on your breath. Dogs/Pets accept you for who you are. 

They don’t care whether you sleep with men, women. or even cats!

You don't even need to be worried about being naked and get fucked unnecessarily by men, when you are with your pets!

In fact, they’d prefer you share your bone with everyone as long as they’re not left out in the cold.”

“Dogs/Pets love to be used, as companions, playmates, bedmates, pets, and ACCESORIES ! As long as they are loved and properly cared for, they will bloom into wonderful, happy dogs/pets! 

For us gay men who truly live for our dogs/pets, we give our whole hearts to everything we love, and our dogs are on the top of the list, RIGHT ABOVE OUR PARTNERS ( hmmmmm ? ) , parents, and personal trainers.”

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William said...

Where's their pet snake?

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