Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8 Days Top 20 Shirtless Guys - Hunk#11 Xavier Hu!

Singapore's "8 Days" magazine "Top 20 Shirtless Guys" contest:

Hunk #11: Xavier Hu Xi Hong

DOB: 17 March 1988
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 67 kg 
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Chest : 40
Waist : 30
Hip : 37
[ I have blogged Xavier before over HERE, where he had also participated in Manhunt Singapore 2010 and finished 4th runner-up...If you notice his Stats back then, he was only 64kg, chest 38, hips, 36.... Guess he has improved a lot, eh?! ]

The Beach Event held recently, Guess Xavier is very indeed in stripping off his shirt, eh?

This cutie has mesmerized "people like us" since he first appeared in Sportsmenasia's 2007 Calendar, where he worked as their sales assistant back then, as an innocent, 19-years-old! Since then, he has participated in many Male Beauty Pageants such as Cleo's Most Eligibile Bachelor, Mr.Manhunt Singapore, Singapore Calendar Guys, etc....


The cute, 19-year-old Xavier Hu


And look at how much he has grown up!


If you guys like Xavier Hu, please vote for him by following the instructions below, ya!


William said...

I prefer the old him. :)

jem said...

like his best out of all the contestants

Anonymous said...

This guy in some Skimpy Aqux or Arena swimwear would be near to perfection.

link within

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