Saturday, July 31, 2010

Working as a Lifeguard, anyone?!

Is working as a Lifeguard, a wonderful job for gays?! Hehehe.

Here are some of the perks of working as a Lifeguard!
  • You get to wear skimpy swimming trunk most of time. Meaning - The egoistical satisfaction that you'll get from showing off your Rock Hard body or even enormous "package" is too orgasmic for you to resist!
  • You get to watch handsome hunks swimming and prancing around in their swimtrunks "OPENLY" - and mind you, it's not SPYING that we're talking about here! 

  • If you're lucky enough, so happens that a handsome hunk is in trouble, you get to offer your "kind" assistance in various "forms" to ensure that the hunk is safe & sound.
  • If the handsome hunk had a muscle pull while he's swimming, you get to run towards the pool ( "ala Baywatch - Pamela Anderson's running pose! ) with all the people at the pool looking & cherishing your wonderful, running body -- before "skinny-dipping" into the water and wrapping the handsome hunk around your enormous biceps & triceps - pulling him safely from the water. 
  •  Furthermore, since the handsome hunk is already in a state of shock, you get to hug and help him with his walking, before "laying" him on the ground! - If you're smart enough - You can pretend to accidentally trip & fall on-top of the sexy beast's body! - Who knows, you might get an unwarranted kiss as well?!!! - Hehe. 

  • If the handsome hunk is still unconscious, you might want to give him a "Mouth-To-Mouth" CPR Rescue before it's too late! - However, you can also try to do that even if he's conscious and feeling a lil' dazed! - He can't SUE you for trying to save his life, right? - Or can he?!! - Haha...It's A Gamble that you need to take especially when if you are confident that the pay-off is more than pleasurable!

  • If the handsome hunk is still feeling a little stressed out from the shock experience....You get to give him a free massage to sooth his body as well as helping him to relax and regain his composure! WHo doesn't love a good massage, you tell me?! Even for the masseur, which is you yourself, who can consider yourself lucky for getting to feel the body of a handsome hunk that some of us might never even have the chance to do so in our lifetime!!! 
  • If you saw any "reaction" from below, you can slowly move your hands towards the region and pretend to accidentally stroke the "region" while swerving your hands. If there's no objections from the Handsome Hunk, you can slowly pull down his trunk and, voila - you get to perform your "Magic" on him!!! 

So guys! Do you want to be a LIFEGUARD then?!!!!

Talking about lifeguard as well, i remember i used to love watching BAYWATCH, way back in the early 1990's, when i'm still naive about gay issues and the era of my 2-3 inches period! Hehehe.

How nice when you were young -- When you watch these kinda movies, you don't even think about all the sexual connoctations affiliated with it because you are too yound and naive to know about all that. And you watch just because the movie is interesting and the actions manages to capture your attention instead of the dangling boobies as well as crotches?!!

So, just for old time sake, this is David Chokachi, one of the original actors in Baywatch and looking very sexy indeed in the below pictures.....

Muacks from Simon Lover &
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Penang Getaway?!

Hahaha...I think it's more like a "Gateaway" from all the pornographic pictures of sexy guys in my blog - TO YOU GUYS - lor!  Well, either you like it or loathe it, the sexy guys are to remain for a long, long, long time more in my blog! Hehehehehe!
( p/s: You tell me, who doesn't like appreciating sexy guys?! It's SO NOT-GAY for a gay person who dislikes it - duh! =P )

Anyway, back to my post for today. It's actually a little overview of my quick getaway with the Horny BF, to Penang....which was way, way, way back - 2 months ago - that coincides with my weekend Birthday, as well as treating it as a nostalgic journey down the memory lane - sorta homecoming trip! 

So, the Horny One booked a HOTEL [ Hahaha...Oops! Did i mentioned "Hotel"? - Because we are SO Notorious for backpacking, EVEN in Penang - We would rather stay in budget guesthouses/hostels than staying at G-Hotel!!! - Yikes! - Now, I can sense that many of my Gay acquaintances are beginning to THINK TWICE - about travelling with US! But for your information - We are a very "Flexible" couple and doesn't mind giving up our "comfort zone" for the sake of our friend's needs, okay?! =P ]

Ya, it's actually called Hydro Hotel, which is located at Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi. When we arrived there, we realize it's actually - outskirt of Batu Ferringhi! - Haha. Not that it really matters, the most is that my Aqux swimtrunk won't have it's spotlight that it deserves....... ={

Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi 
- A picture can tell a thousand "lies".The stretch of beach are too short for any romantic stroll, and too "sandy" to even sit on it! Sigh. Well, at least the photos that we took kinda made up for the disappointment.

The room that we stayed. Why must they always build the swimming pool next to the cafe - leh?! Made me too shy to wear my skimpy trunk - where no amount of "Maxolon(s)" can help treat the vomiting cafe patrons!

One thing that i really like about Penang is -- No..It's look the super F***King, Fair, Penang Boys! -- Or even their flowery, gentlemanly Hokkien where one rarely hears the phrase "Kan N* N* B* eh Cha* C* Ba*! , compared to their Southern counterparts of course! -- nor even the super hot sea-Island weather -- But, it's the Penang FOOD that i like the most!

Since it's just a weekend getaway and there's only the stomachs, there's not much that we can eat. To sum it up, we ate "Roti Bakar", Hainan Coffee, Nasi Lemak at Toh Soon, Campbell Street; crispy Egg Tarts & "Ling Yong" biscuits at Lebuh Cintra;

Fried Kuey Teow at Sin Hwa, Pulau Tikus ( Initially, we only ordered one plate because we were kinda full from the heavy breakfast, but then - it's TOO GOOD to be missed! Arrrgghhhhh - and it made us even fuller! ); Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng - We finally had the opportunity to taste this famous mee goreng and the verdict -- What the F**K?! We even dare to say that we lived in Penang for 4 years but have never tried this super delicious mee before?!!! - Seriously embarrassing!

Had some cool refreshments in the sense of Penang Road's Famous "Cendol and lastly we had dinner at Kimberley Street intersection - for my favourite "He-Kor Chee Cheong Fun", "Leng Chi Kang" while the Horny One had a mouthful of "Chicken Feet"!

Bought some "Tau Sa Piah" ( Bean Paste Biscuits ) at Ghee Hiang, and went scouting at ChowRasta for Pickled Nutmegs ( "Tow Kau" - in Cantonese ) as well.

As for the next day, we had our breakfast at hotel; lunch at Teik Seng Restaurant, Carnarvon Street - and somehow, i always feel that Penang serves the Best "Sambal Kangkung" as well! - Before leaving Penang, I had my mini birthday cakes galore [ I love to eat cakes! - If you guys have forgotten, you can rewind back to my earlier posts of " 23 Things About Simon Lover over here - PART 1 and PART 2 ] - at Kopi Cine - a place that serves the BEST CAKES in Penang! - or that was what i heard/read from t majority of the Penang Food critics.

We also managed to go up to Kek Lok Si temple as well - Is not that we have never been there before, but we were just curious to have a look at the completed 20-ft Kwan Yin Goddess' Pavilion - and partly because we actually planned to our virgin swim" at Permata Swimming Pool Complex, Farlim as well as a quick "oogling" at Penang Boys showering naked in their "Open-Concept" showers - Just to be told that they are close on Sundays! - Tough luck eh?!

And with that, i hope i do not bore you guys since I'm actually a guy with few words. It's a rare occasion to see me writing such a long post and i hope you guys enjoyed it, just like how i enjoy Penang Food, as well as Penang Boys!

Now, how can a Simon Lover's post ends without some sexy Guy pictures - leh?!!! Here's a little treat before signing off ya.......

Can You Guys Guess Which Thigh belongs to Simon Lover and The Horny BF?!!! 
-- Hahaha...Again, do not be deceived by the picture with thousand lies - My thigh is not that big, and the Horny BF's thigh is not that small either!  Hehe.

With that...Muacks from Simon Lover! 
and to the Horny BF too!

The Wonderland Foam Party - Taipei, Taiwan 2010!

( Just a temporary re-post = I don't know why, but i really like the pictures - especially the one with the bubbles flying in the air against the sky-blue backdrop! Nice!  )

Ah...FOAM PARTY! The Ultimate Gay Party that every gay in the world loves so much! Why?
  • You get to dress in your skimpiest clothing to the event! Be it in a skimpy Speedo, or a Japanese style-low rise underwear or better yet, you can go naked all the way - with the bubbles covering your important area of course!
  • You get to dance, hug, carress, bump & grind with a pool of half/total naked HOMOSEXUAL Guys without the fear of being punched at!
  • For those who are not into dancing, you can enjoy a few glasses of beer while enjoying the atmosphere and watching the guys, soaking wet!
  • And for those lucky ones, you might get hitched with someone you like too!!!! Hehehe

Now, if just we have this kinda events in Malaysia. If i'm not mistaken, LIQUID Bar used to have foam parties before going bust! - Imagine, all the Malaysian Boys under one roof -- All wet and half-naked, prancing around like wild animals - With the preys being watched closely by the sexy Predators - and ending the night with an ORGASMIC-HIGH feeling!

Now, the only Foam Party that i have ever been was in Babylon Sauna, Bangkok, way back in January 2008, with the Horny BF - And of course, we enjoyed the party to the max! One of the most memorable song that was etched in our memories is Kat DeLuna's "Whine Up" - Everyone went wild when the song was played. -- I did not bring any swim trunk with me - But luckily, i was wearing my brand new, yellow Groovin' cup boxers while the Horny BF was wearing the orange one - where we had just bought a few days earlier!
Pictures taken from Babylon's website

There's a mini-stage for the Thai Go-Go Boys to dance in their swimtrunks/sexy underwears. And there was one very, very, very cute Thai Boy who kept teasing us ( of all people - i also dunno why! ) with his seductive eye contacts! Of course, being the Horny One, the BF is an expert at responding to flirtation as well and i gave the go-ahead for him to proceed with his horni'ness! Seconds later, he's up on the stage, dancing with the Thai Go-Go Boy! - While i'll have the "freedom" to roam around instead! Tsk..Tsk..Tsk....

Of course, i enjoyed my freedom very well! Hehehe....Dancing, kissing and grabbing anonymous cocks ( Not everyone though - only those i fancy ). But i don't like going to the center because that's where the foam bubbles are released from the generator ( see picture above ) - What's the point of going to a foam party where you can;t see a thing - leh?! I prefer to cruise at the side and after a while, i'm back with the Horny One - PLUS the Go-Go Boy tagging along!

And so, the three of us danced, hugged adnd kissed erotically together - The Thai Boy was already naked - followed by me while the Horny One maintained his. The sensation of dancing with a Thai Boy ( For FREE!!!! Can you imagine that?! ) was awesome and he's not the typical Thai Boy on the streets - He has a fair-chinese look, smooth and well-toned body - albeit a little sissy. Immediately i was dancing with a STIFF cock and the ever teasing Thai Boy wasted no time in grabbing me from behind, gyrating while jerking up & down my shaft while kept pushing the Horny One to BAREBACK him - which the Horny One did not, of course! Moments later, i couldn't resist the momentum .......AND ....... Sigh. Felt so embarrassed CUMMING so soon onto the dance floor! After that, the Horny One took his turn and played with the Thai Boy till both of them reached the climax! -- while , Simon Lover was BUSY rummaging through the foams, searching for his Groovin' underwear that had he had left on the side fence earlier on - presumably got felled by someone and kicked around the dance floor - and luckily, i can proudly say that the same underwear is still in Tip-Toe condition at the moment of this writing!

Whoa...It has been so long. I wonder when will i have the free time to enjoy those moments again! And i guess i should start writing my thoughts and life experiences more often instead. While my blog has gained many readers who are just here for the sake of the sexy pictures, i have also lost a lot of readers who are uncomfortable with it along the way as well.....The 7th Heaven Saga with the Horny One were some of the intriguing stories that managed to fascinate the likes of, say..."Ian, The Aussie Hunk?" , "Shakira, The Mother of One, who reads Gay Blogs?" .... Well, i guess i need to make my life more exciting again....Growing up means shouldering more responsibilities as well.....And i can't always remain twinky forever, just like the hunk in my previous post ( read HERE ).

With that, please enjoy the pictures of the recently held, "The Wonderland Foam Party"@ Taipei, Taiwan, 18th July 2010. - Definitely the best foam party in town!

I really like the above & the first picture as well! The sky is very blue indeed!
Sexy Taiwanese Hunks! 
- Notice that striking light blue arena swim trunk - Made me feel so guilty for not buying it while i was in Singapore, 2 weeks ago!!!!!! - Kheksei! - Cuz later the Horny One will scold me "Buy so many swim trunks for what?!!"

The atmosphere filled with bubbles - waiting to be "popped" by the virgin hunks!

Hunky Poseidon, emerging from the sea of bubble foams, to indulge in his once in a year, Wild Sex Activity!

Pretty Boys!

The guys on the right are couple. WHo do you think is Top or Bottom - leh?!!! Hehehehe

That's how i look like when i'm wearing my Arena swimtrunk - minus the chest and six packs of course!

Poetry in Motion!

THe sexy Taiwanese DJ - Teddy Tzeng!

The party was held from 11.00 in the morning till 9.00 p.m!
And i wonder whether the guys' fingers got all wrinkled up or not? Because once it's wrinkled, the "Touch" sensation is just not there!!! Hehehe..You get what i mean?! =P

Relaxing and enjoying the evening Sun...

Though it doesn't look so crowded, but it's the Quality that matters! - Not Quantity - And i guess the Taiwanese Boys above have fulfilled the criteria well!

And we shall hope that one day, we'll get tho enjoy these kinda FOAM PARTY in our own Malaysia....Sunway Lagoon perhaps?!!! 

Muacks From Simon Lover!

( And i hope with this post, i'll manage to score another comeback hit - and restore the sexiness integrity of Simon Lover's blog! - Hahahaha - And since when I've become a Comeback Prince - pulak- Because It's kinda amusing to receive comments and backlashes that my Malaysian Manhunt 2010 posts have caused a lot of PR damage to my blog!!! - Really that BAD - eh?!!! 
But For your information - Mr. William Ng has won the Manhunt Malaysia 2010 title!  )

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