Friday, October 9, 2009

Malaysian Hunk - Jeffrey Cheng 庄惟翔

Hey Hey! Hahaha...I'm actually not sure what i'm currently doing in Bali at this point of time, as i am still away in Bali =P.....Yet another lengchai pics for you guys....Blek =P

Today's post will be on one of Malaysia's sexiest & cutest hunk alive at the moment, Jeffrey Cheng ( 庄惟翔 )! He's one of the cutest guy alive on TV that definitely melt one's heart instantly whn we see him!

Birthdate: 11 Dec 1982 ( 27 yo )
Stats : 184cm, 72 kg
Achievements : 2003 UNO Manhunt Winner
2003 Hottest Hunks Malaysia
2003 Best Model of The World (M) Winner
Current Job : 8TV 8-Style Host 八度空间时代达人主持人, Actor 演员, Model 模特儿

Very cool Rayban!
Jeffrey when he was young....

Jeffrey Cheng with Malaysia's famous fashion designer, Jonathan Cheng ( see my collection of his pics here )

I Want those Abssssss!!!!!

Can u notice his Marilyn Monroe's mole?!!

Killing me softly with his smile!

Red is Hawt!

SO CUTE!!! Agree or not?

Hehehe...He shud wear a singlet with the number "6" in front of "7".....hehehehe...for those who understands wat is 67 means in Cantonese lar...

He has a very nice chest!

I want his smooth face as while! Jealous!

Haik. One of the few rare pics of him in undies!!! Notice the bulge? =P

One of his few ads with Malaysia Philosophy-Men Fashion

Hope u guys enjoyed the pics ya! Muacks From Simon Lover.


William said...

Thought that you're home dy! Get off the computer! Go enjoy your holiday!

He's one of my fave local male models. :P

Black Sheep said...

67 = cock?
Btw, he's cute.

Anonymous said...

Sexy chest indeed - would love to rest my head on it and suckle on his nips, like a baby. - Ian

simonlover said...

William: Hehe. The post was pre-scheduled earlier ma= =)

Black Sheep: Yup. Real cutie with a sexy mole!

Ian: Me too! =)

Cruser Knight said...

How can 'luk sap chat' (67 in canton) be cock??
Can explain??

Love Your Blog btw...

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