Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tanning Boys!

Finally back from a 1 week holiday in Bali. Overall the trip was not that bad, and it's not that good either. Maybe it also depends on which group of friends i went with too. The high expectation of the fun with the sun, sea & sand before arriving in Bali might have added to my disappointment too. Well, the bunch of gals & also GUYs that i'm with were a total "Puteri Lilin" Gang! ( a malay proverb for those who are afraid of the sun! )

Most of the time, we spent travelling in our microbus, visiting temples & areas away from the beach. Even when we went to the beach, the beach that we chose were away from the crowd ( except the crowded Sanur public beach where it's open to the local Balinese people ), the flashing images of enjoying some "papayas soaking in the sun" ( a cantonese slang: "sai muk gua"! -- refering to the topless breast as papayas! ) totally evaporated. Well, as my gang always say, -- in cantonese: "sai pou tai zhi dou mou tak tai, ho fong hai sai muk gua?!!! -- Grapes also cannot see, what more seeing a papaya soaking in the sun?!!! Hehehehehehe.....

And i thought i can take some sexy topless Hunks surfing or tanning to share it with u guys If either. Well, i guess maybe next time kot. If there is a next trip to Bali, i think i will just focus on the sun, sea & sand together with a relaxing spa with the Horny BF or a bunch of PLU frens.

Since there is no sexy pics of me tanning in Bali ( i was well prepared with my Banana Boat Tanning Oil & sexy low-rise white arena trunk, hoping that i had the chance to sneak out & have a lil' tanning, only for those items to be kept in the luggage thruout the entire trip -- For those who might still remember my naked butt with a tan-line that i've once posted before in my earlier post, now it's already slowly fading liao.....sob sob sob ) -- Here are some sexy pics of a Taiwanese boy enjoying the Sun!!!! -- Muacks from Simon!

Ah... A very good idea of how i should pose whn i'm @the beach....

This fella has a good leg-spreading technique ya!

Oops... A lil' more wider, he could have dropped some jewels for us too see lor!

Now, this is where he has a lil' indecent exposure!! -- Too big perhaps? Yummy!

Taiwan Boys -- Here we go!!!

Who wants to apply tanning oil on this cutie?!!

The sexy body as a result from the National Service training...How come Malaysia's NS can't produce a body like that one?

Perky butt!

Lovely couple!


Horny BF said...

hmm. it's indeed a pity we can't go tanning and feasting our eyes on cuties.
let's plan another, shall we dear?

William said...

Hehe. You definitely need a BOYZ trip!

Paul J said...

ishh...i never fancy tanned guy..always like those pak pak cheng cheng 1

Anonymous said...

Too much sun is a bad thing, that's true. But we all need a little exposure to the sun to remain healthy. Everything in moderation. Except speedos of course, they can be immodest. - Ian

simonlover said...

Horny BF: Definitely agree! So tak puas hati didnt get to enjoy more at the beach. Haha

William: So, are u goin' 2b one of da BOYZ? Hehehe

Paul J: Hahaha...Now i'm very pak pak cheng cheng ady wor...How? Hehehehe

Ian: Do u wear speedos? Hehehe

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