Monday, October 19, 2009

Cute Japanese Gymnast : Kohei Uchimura ( 内村航平 )

In conjuction with World Gymnastics Championships 2009 which is currently held in London at the moment, i would like to share an Olympic cutie from Japan, named Kohei Uchimura. Gymnastics also happens to be one of my favourite sport to watch during the Olympics as well. Well, mainly because it show guys prancing around in sexy leotards? Hahaha...

Name: Kohei Uchimura 内村航平
Born : 3 January 1989, Nagasaki Japan. ( 20 yo )
Achievements : 2008 Beijing Olympics: Silver medal ( Men's Individual All-Round )
2009 World Championships : Gold Medal ( Men's Individual All-Round )

Recently, he won the Gold Medal in the Men's Individual All-Round, making him one of the youngest winner ever for the medal after he displayed a ruthless yet elegant performance which made him lead from the start till finish!

Kohei, the Gold winner for Men's Individual All-Round,
World Championships 2009 ( The silver winner next to him, Daniel Keating of UK also look cute ain't he! )

Hope you guys enjoy some of the pictures of him. Not many personal photos of him can be found of the net though. But his cute smile is sufficient enough for you guys to fall in love with him!

Muacks from Simon!

Winning the Silver Medal in Beijing Olympics, 2008

Japan's Pride!

Beijing Olympics 2008. The Gold winner, Yang Wei of China also look cute ai'nt he!

Kohei, showing off his versatility..Hehehehe..I wonder does gymnast do performed real good on......? Since their flexibility is their forte =P

Oooh...Sexy leg hairs!


Jerry said...

Ahh, I always imagine this one.. Where they can bend their flexible body and suck their own~~~ LOL!!!

simonlover said...

Jerry: Hmmm....Have u ever imagined urself doin that too? Kinky! =)

Anonymous said...

Though I love gymnasts - haven't we all had dreams about a man strong enough to hold you down helplessly on the bed while he.....:) - but I also love divers because they wear less. Much less. And they always dive in slow motion. - Ian

simonlover said...

Ian: Hahaha. I luv divers too! Dun worry. I'll try to get a hand on more pics of sexy divers k! Hehehe. U prefer Asians or Caucasians bttr? =)

Anonymous said...

Asians of course. Today's feature on Polo Boys is great. - Ian

simonlover said...

Ian: Thanks. I prefer Asians too. However, i do like Caucasians too but of those from the slimmer, well-built, not too muscled-beefy, & not too hairy either. Very demanding eh =)

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