Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sexy Couple Shots!

Hi Hi! Finally back in my hometown, after a gruelling 9 hour drive of jalan-jalan and car-cari makan from north to the central with my friends. Hahaha..So, u can imagine how Simon Lover might look like especially from all the eating leh?! Plus, i just had a heavy seafood meal at 4pm...Thn ate again, a heavy meal in Murni SS2 at 8pm...Hmmm....Slowly will fat fat lor!!!

Today will be a simple post too. Cuz i'm using dial-up. Cannot upload too many pics cuz it's TOO SLOW! Haha...These are a very sexy & cute pics of a couple in various seductive poses! Yummy!!! I particularly like the their smooth perky butts! I wonder what if Simon Lover & The Horny BF upload the pictures of them in various sexy pose like those below, will there be any takers bor?!!! Hahahahaha..Cheers from Simon & Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Hmm...Their face is super smooth hor?!! Envy envy!

Pull it down my dear!!! There's some "job" for u to be done!
I wonder do those models have any "reactions" during poses like that hor?!!!

Ahhhhh.....SUch a beautiful round ass!!! Smack that!

The moment before giving a love bite!


One helluva sexy pic! Love it!!!!


Fable Frog said...

I'm sure you and your BF have tones and tones of "couple shots" kekeke i think your reader won't mind seeing those photos~ post jer lah

shane said...

dun like any of those pics..

William said...

I support Froggie's suggestion!

simonlover said...

Froggie : Yer..Dun want let the whole world see ler.Better for me to email mine to you -- Minus the horny Bf's one...Wink wink?! Hahaha

Shane : Yer..Why sound so angry one? Muacks Muacks fr Simon? -- Later kena kill by the horny one pulak =)

William : Hehe..U post yours and i shall post mine? =P

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