Friday, October 16, 2009

Sexy US Model - Levi Poulter!

Hi hi! I dunno why, everytime when i wanna blog something of my life, i always chanced upon sexy guys on the net which i can't resist to share it with you guys. You can call me a horny, hamsap lover, but i'm sure all of u guys out there also has at least, a minimum of 1% of horny'ness in ur mind! Gays are Guys..And what do they have in common?! - Sex of course!!! Which guy doesn't love sex? Can anyone tell me please? Hehehe....

Today, i shall share some info on a very sexy guy, named "Levi Poulter" ( Born: 1977, Utah, USA ). While working out in the gym, many people commented on his great physique and suggested that he should get involved with modeling. During the summer of 2001, with the encouragement from his family and friends, Poulter finally packed his bags and moved to Miami. Poulter walked into the Ford Miami office when he first got to Miami, and they signed him right away. One of his early assignments was for Abercrombie. He has since modeled for Abercrombie for a number of years, and had appeared in many other campaigns and magazine covers including "DNA", "L'Uomo Vogue", and "Target". ( source: )

Definitely a very "handy"man!! - I want! I want!

Perky Butts galore! He definitely has one of the best butt alive ever!

I wouldn't mind waking up next to a guy like him every morning! - oops! sorry horny bf!

Who wants to shower with Levi?!

A very inviting butt!! - Good for those who Tops! =)

Ooh la la! Imagine what wonders his tongue can do?!!!

The ultimate Greek God!

S&M Lover anyone?!!

Whoa, i didn't knew that shaving can be that sexy!!! -- Bootylicious!

His DNA magazine photoshoots!

From a Handyman to a Laundryman! Totally a versatile hunk!!!!

Totally Hot In Red!

Some wallpapers for you guys!

You can check out more of Levi Poulter here. Some has pictures of him naked too. Yummy!
www.willy' ( his personal website )

and many more when u google his name.

He also has a few sex videos on the net. But i have yet to download it at the time of writing lar. Hope it's good too... =).

  1. A video of him jerking off ( )
  2. A video of him blowing someone ( )

Very 18-SX post for today!!!!!!!!!

Muacks From Simon Lover!


Horny BF said...

aiks. and I've always thought you enjoyed waking up beside a slop like yours truly. :(
perky butt I may not have ...

simonlover said...

Horny BF: Wei...u ah...Just a teaser ok!!!! Hmmm.....

e l d y said...

Gay ! noob !

simonlover said...

Well, so what if i'm gay. If u dun like it, then just leave lor. Perverted dickless straight asshole!

Anonymous said...

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William said...

A total dreamboat!

Paul J said...

now that's what i call delicous, tasty and mouth watering!

simonlover said...

William: Ya. A dreamboat that can take us to an orgasmic heaven! =)

Paul J: Oooh..So now i know how's ur type is like...hehehehe. Kinky Paul Paul

Tony Wan said...

Wow!!! WTF.... LOLOLOLOL.......

Hide and Seek said...

Say no to mosaic! :D

Totally yummy!!!

link within

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