Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sexy Singapore Male Model - Aviel Tan!

This few days i have been very busy!..Busy with what?! Busy with some stupid slide presentation & speech that only happens in a government work life! Even this post also need to be done in a quickie!!!

Today's focus shall be on Mr. Aviel Tan, a 23 year old, sexy Singaporean Male Model. Not much can be found of his profile and pics. So, this is what i can find on the net. Hope u guys enjoyed it ya cuz he's definitely 1 cute hunk from the land of SgBoys!!! Muacks from Simon Lover!

Doesn't he not look SEXY at all?!!! Look at his package! Yummy!
Only GOOD MEN WEARs a sexy underwear like that!!! Yummy!!
Red color always squeezes out the SEXINESS of a GUY!!!! Yummy!
My favorite Aviel Pic...!!!Flawless!!!
Renowned Gary Xu Photography....
Red Hot Aviel in a Red Hot Arena trunk!
No armpit hairs...So, how Jerrykiat?!!
The Sexy Pirate!
Renowned Scott Marrs photography
The whole Stadium is his to watch!!!
Who wanna chain me up?!!
Just finish bathing..Anyone wants to help me dry up?
Another perky butt!
Anyone interested for my invite on the bed?!!!
Ooozing with sex-appeal~~!

Double shots of Aviel!
Something is pointing upwards over there....Hehehehe
Ginch Gonch would be proud to have a guy like him to model him!
Someone is pointing upwards again....
Why i'm still lonely eventhough i'm very handsome?!! WHy oh WHy?!

For those who are interested more of Aviel Tan, you can purchase his Aviel Posters in www.sportsmenasia.com and we can get free image galleries of the sexy Aviel when you purchase anything at all from the website.!--- And after that, for those who are kind enough, can u share your password to the galleries to me? Hehehehe.... --- Cheers ya!


William said...

Sometimes my bf does buy something from there... and he'll ask me to look at the galleries. OK je la... but will share with you if he does!

simonlover said...

Wah...Didnt know that KH was that kinky!!!! Hehehe...Noti fella. Yer! I want! Rmbr to share share nextm k? =P

Anonymous said...

Only GOOD boys wear underwear like that? I hope not. Good boys are boring and go to heaven, bad boys wear underwear like that and know how to party. - Ian

ღ Fall In Love ღ said...

may i noe simon's age? i'm melvin.

Anonymous said...


love model very sexy ..


simonlover said...

Ian: Hahaha..But i'm a good boy wor..Which indirectly makes me a .....? Hahahaha

Melvin : Hahahaha...Hmm..a few more years will reach 30 yo ady lo!!! Haik!

Kinho: A peck on your cheek too!

Anonymous said...

He looks so good in shoots. Often see him in Play. Heard from the circle that he's flex and packs a 8-inch package. lol. Btms beware!

Anonymous said...

He's flex top, more like 7 inch than 8 inch. But he screwed well. Don't expect to screw him though, cos he only allowed guys with bigger tool.

Anonymous said...

I screwed him many times and he likes it! He's a good in humping as well. Want to play with us? Leave a message.

Anonymous said...

oh pls, aviel tan is a btm!

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