Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Far Far Away From Malaysia -- Wish Me Luck!

Hi Hi. Simon Lover will be away from Malaysia for 1 week. It has been quite some time since i last went for a holiday. Of late, there has been many natural disasters occurring in the South East Asia. The earthquakes in Indonesia, Typhoons in the Philippines & Vietnam. Many lives have been lost innocently. My sincere prayers for those who had lost their loved ones.

My trip has always been a budget, free&easy, backpacking style. But, as we are getting older. Sometimes the fun of searching for your own info, be it: accommodation, food, travel sites, shopping etc has somehow lost its steam in me. Sometimes i feel that, if just we are rich enough to have someone prepare everything for us or just join a tour group, saving us from all those troubles.

Luckily for me, the few trips that i have been with my straight friends, i'm always the navigator with the map. Food wise, hotel wise are usually handled by my friends. Everyone of us usually have a role to play. But for this trip, there are quite a number of us going together. So, u will expect that, of course, there are some of them who are just "followers".

So, how do we define these "followers" or in Cantonese slang "lan seh wong" ( Lazy Snake King! ) leh?
  1. Everything is booked by their friends instead. The plane tickets, train, bus tickets, etc.
  2. They don't feel nervous or anxious at all for the trip. Just waiting to be served by the other hardworking members. Example: During group meeting, they will just attend ( or sometimes, did not evn attend! ) and keep quiet without any info at all, looking disinterested & felt like being forced to come.
  3. Or another one, is those who likes to talk & vetoed a lot but dun do anything. E.g.Whn we suggest something e.g food, which hotel -- they will veto our suggestions & ask us to make a new one instead. E.g. cannot eat seafood, the hotel must be clean yet cheap, this is too expensive or etc etc etc.
  4. Sometimes we just feel that, if they dun like it, they can just go find info themselves & walk separate instead ma. But nooo...they still wanna mix with us.
Hahaha.....I think i shall stop here first. And continue my rantings in the next post kot. Cuz i'm not really 100% in my sane mind at the moment. I can continue forever with this topic cuz i have some of them in my group lor....Hahahaha...Hate hate....But it';s okay. There are many things left to do at the moment as i'm leaving tomorrow!

And i wish all the best to my trip as well. Hope there's nothing that we need to worry about.

Last but not least, i would like to wish Happy 7th Anniversary To The Horny BF & Simon Lover ( which actually falls on last October 3rd =P ). And here's a lil'song that is the Horny BF's current favourite song....Hehehehe...! Muacks Fr Simon!

( p/s: Bali..Here i comeeee......!!!!!! )

Expecting for upcoming explicit details of Simon Lover's rendezvous in Bali? Sexy guys? Sexy gay massage? Sexy gay sauna? Sexy sex romps? ....I guess u guys will definitely will be disappointed

Cuz i'm going with a bunch of sexy straight guys & gals lor...Even the beauty therapist in my scheduled SPA session, most probably 90% will be a female lor!!!!!!!!!! No males?....Noooooo.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh......And also, no sexy tanning sessions to get back my sexy tanned butt line cuz i think my straight friends will definitely muntah darah ( vomit blood ) if they see me tanning in those skimpy swimtrunk with tanning oil dripping on my body lor!!!!!!!!!!!! -- What 2do, we are Malaysians..Not Singaporeans, where almost evey guy be it straight or gays, loves to tan!!!! )


William said...

Yeah la, sure women Spa therapist. :P

Followers are OK until they turn into ranters. :P

Have fun! Have lotsa Balinese sex!

Congrats to you both! A model couple.

simonlover said...

William: Haha. Bt still keeping my fingers crossed 4 a guy lor. If lucky, maybe get a "luen" punya guy! =P. No sex cuz sharing wit another straight guy as well! =(

simonlover said...

William: Chup: Definitely agrees with Ranters!

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