Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sexy Taiwanese Actor/Model/Singer - Peter Ho ( 何润东 )

Hi Hi! The sky is either raining or sunny in Bali at the moment! Maybe i'm soaking myself at the beach or having a good tanning session at the moment or maybe not?!!!! Maybe there are many hunky guys & gwailos parading in front of me at the moment or there are only ah peks leh?....Hmmm.

Peter Ho Yun Tong ( 何润东 )
Birthdate: 13 Sep 1973 ( 36 yo )in California, USA
Stats: 175cm, 70kg

Haha. He first burst into fame in the Hong Kong movie, The Truth About Jane & Sam and since then, he has not looked back since. Though he has not really achieved the super-idol status, but then, he's quite popular back in mainland China has acted in many TV series as well.

He has also been selected as the image model for the sexy underwear label from Philippines, BENCH for the last three years. And not to disappoint you guys, i have prepared some pics of him modeling in BENCH underwears as well!!

Enjoy & Muacks From Simon Lover!

Six-pack material dude!

Who wants Peter Ho as your White Prince Charming?!

Posing for Leslie Kee's Superstars Series.

Hmm...I wonder what will people say if Takashi@Pluboy dressed like this whn he turned up for a meeting?....Hehehe...Sexy?

His body is too smooth till it's waterproof!!!

Peter & Dylan Kuo...

Do u wanna eat the dishes he's cooking or eat something else?!!

The BENCH Underwear Ads over the years....

Sexy isn;t it! If just more Asian Actors are more open in endorsing underwear ads hor! I salute Peter Ho for his boldness & bringing sexy back in Asian celebrities!


William said...

Wish you more luck with the eye candy...

His mole!

shane said...

maybe u shud look at other side of the place

dun really like peter ho =.~

simonlover said...

William: He has a mole? Where?! Where?!

Shane:I dun reli like his movies either. Jz that the pics above look hot aren't they? =)

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