Friday, October 30, 2009

Songs On My Car's FM Modulator

Thanks to the innovative heads of the human kind, the invention of a MP3 FM Modulator is a God-Send creation to "people like us" who always have to endure long-distance driving to go to one place to another. Haha...Well, this weekend i'm going back to my hometown yet again, a drive of 4.5hours and 350km from my workplace. So, by plugging in my 4GB Kingston Pendrive on the MP3 FM Modulator, which has already been plugged into the cigarette light socket, i get to hear continuous songs of my liking instead of going thru the agony of endless ads & lame jokes on the radio ( well, to be truthful too, the FM Modulator is also very useful in the 1st hour of my journey because there are no radio reception while passing thru those areas =P )

Hahaha...So, today i would like to share again...some of the songs which i like. Not many people can really bear the songs i like ( hahaha....who else?...The horny one lor...). For those who follow my car, it's like sitting on a retro ride to the No-GAY-MAN land....Songs that are so not-GAY and so not-TRENDY at all. Well, stop the crap and let's have a sneak-a-peek of some of the songs on Simon's MP3 playlist.

Aaron Kwok - Never Stop Loving You (   对你爱不完  )  

Hahahaha...Who can forget this song. The classic dance song that propelled Aaron Kwok to superstardom! I can still remember back in my primary school days, a bunch of straight boys including me, from an all-boys school, will sing aloud and mimicked the infamous dance move to the chorus of "Dui Ni Ai Ai Ai Bu Wan!!!!" and also " So We Love Love Love Tonight!" -- Sweet memories anyone? =)

Jacky Cheung - Waiting Till My Heart Aches ( 等你等到我心疼 )

Of late, i have been using my Limewire to simply download songs on the net. So, when i search for Jacky Cheung, i would just download the songs on the list first before i preview it. And lucky for me, i manage to find this wonderful sad love song from Jacky Cheung. It's nice to hear songs that make you sad especially when you hear it on the bed with the lights off. This is one of the rare songs that will make the Simon Heart Of Steel melts..( though i don't really understand the lyrics since my Cantonese is limited to conversational purposes nia...hahahaha ).

Leslie Cheung & Sam Hui - Silence Is Golden ( 沉默是金 )

Hmm...Another great find from the ever-loving Leslie Cheung. Hong Kong's most famous "out" singer/actor. Hmm..Sometimes when i think back, though i was born in the 80's, but i was too young to enjoy the great songs from that era. It's quite a pity since most songs nowadays are barely worth mentioning ( hahaha..sorry dude, i dun reli like rap/hip hop/metal or those soft spoken mandarin songs )

And last but not least....A song that is considered new compared to those above...

Coco Lee - Stay With Me

Hahaha..Can't really find the original MV. But i can still remember the guys prancing around in a sexier & skimpier version of the suits like the one above, in the video, which was way back in 1999! Hahaha..It's already 10 years ady!!!!

And so, Simon Lover will be signing off for the next few days. Hopefully  i can get something nice at Tang's Anniversary Sale or Parkson Bonuslink Member's Day Sale...Hahahaha...That's why...How to save money leh? Cheers from Simon! ( hahahaha..told you Simon Lover is so UN-GAY for today or shall say, i'm not so Gay at all? ... =P )


William said...

Well, one can only listen to so much Kylie Minogue...

Little Dove said...

I have the same Aaron Kwok song on my modulator too. Lolz. Coco can really move!

simonlover said...

William: Well, actually i do have lotsa Kylie songs too...Hehehe

Little Dove: Hahaha..DOes that means we are indirectly getting older hor? =P

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